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Call for R&D Proposals - JDDE Program

Call for R&D Proposals - JDDE Program

United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) is soliciting government organizations for RDT&E projects to address applicable Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise (JDDE) Capability technology gaps. This solicitation is for projects starting in Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24).

Those submitting proposals are encouraged to speak with USTRANSCOM subject matter experts to discuss their proposal, details of the USTRANSCOM need, and other factors to improve the quality of the proposal and to better determine commitment to sponsorship and transition.

Discover more about JDDE Challenges and how to submit a proposal.

This is a two-phase selection process.

  • Phase I is a 4-page white paper due 31 March 2021 by 4pm Central Standard Time (CST)
  • Phase II is a full, 15-page proposal due 30 June 2021 by 4pm CST

JDDE Challenges for FY24 Proposals

Ready Now and in the Future

  • Scalable End-to-End Patient Movement
  • Rapid Construction for Ports of Debarkation
  • Convoy Security
  • Delivery Technologies
  • Rapid Distribution Technologies
  • Energy Generation/Efficiencies and Power Distribution
  • Advanced Mobility Aircraft
  • Aircraft/Ship Survivability
  • Opportune Landing Site Identification
  • Autonomous Approach and Landing Guidance
  • Force Protection
  • Sea Basing Technologies/Logistics-Over-The-Shore/Connectors
  • Standardized Intermodal Containers/Pallets
  • Mobility Aircraft
  • Entry Control Facilities/Control Point Access
  • Scalable End-to-End Patient Movement
  • Rapid Construction for Points of Debarkation
  • Convoy Security

Empower a Competitive and Resilient Warfighting Team

  • Cyber and Electronic Security
  • Cross-Domain Information Exchange & Collaboration
  • Resilient Communications
  • Secure Collaboration with Commercial Partners

Drive Cyber Domain Mission Assurance

  • Cyber and Electronic Security
  • Secure Collaboration with Commercial Partners 
  • Resilient Communications 
  • Improved Intelligence

Create Decision Advantage

  • End-to-End Visibility
  • Supply Chain Sustainment Simulation Tools
  • Process Management and Business Rules 
  • Information Visualization 
  • Deployment/Distribution Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
  • Predictive Logistics, Maintenance Forecasting and Damage Repair 
  • Distribution Planning
  • Automatic Identification Technology
  • Human System Interface
  • All Domain Maneuver Warfare Planning and Execution
  • Transportation Node Optimization
  • Knowledge Management 
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Big Data 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Distributed Global Mobility Command and Control

Key dates (subject to change) - Posted to the Research Proposals calendar from the solicitation

  • 31 March 2022 at 4pm CST: Submittal of electronic Phase I white papers. Late submissions will not be considered.
  • 1 - 26 April 2022: Phase I evaluation period
  • 29 April 2022: Phase II notifications
  • May – June 2022: Phase II Offeror’s can discuss proposals with SMEs/evaluators to gain clarification and to better focus proposals on targeted gaps.
  • 30 June 2022 at 4pm CST: Submittal of electronic Phase II proposals. Late submissions will not be considered.
  • 28 October 2022: Notification of final selection (due to multi-month collaborative evaluation/vetting process)
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