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Get The Disruptor!

Get The Disruptor!

The inaugural issue of DASN(Ship)'s Disruptor was just launched. It's intended to help and learn about unmanned and autonomous systems topics.

Produced by the Director, Unmanned Systems (UxS) for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Ships (DASN(Ships)), the inaugural issue sets the stage for

…sharing the progress of unmanned maritime [Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership and Education, Personnel, Facilities - Policy (DOTMLPF-P)], to include the supporting enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, autonomy, command and control, energy and lethal and non-lethal sensor development and integration. It is intended to be published every quarter and should be seen as an opportunity for collaboration among government agencies both domestic and international.

Topics covered include:

  • Science and technology (S&T) – On the Edge;
  • Fleet progress – DEVOPS;
  • Experimentation – Insights;
  • Progress within the U.S. Department of Defense UxS community – DoD UxS;
  • Progress from international partners – International;
  • Current capabilities - ZEIT (X);
  • Enabling technology development – Signals; and
  • Coming events – Forecast.

Ms. Dorothy Engelhardt, Director, UxS, DASN(Ships) is scheduled to share with the Naval R&D Establishment’s Unmanned Vehicles and Autonomous Systems (UVAS) Working Group tomorrow UxS and other updates, including the launch of the Disruptor.

To assist the nationwide S&T community thrive at the intersection of military, commercial, and academic research and development, the Naval Postgraduate School launched The Sea Land Air Military Research initiative (SLAMR) in 2018.  Community members have access to proposal and field experimentation opportunities, DoD Research Enterprise events, S&T policies and objectives, and more for Autonomous Systems; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Fully Networked Command, Control, and Communications; directed energy, and other fields of science and technology.

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