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Intelligent Autonomous Systems Science and Technology Strategy Issued

Intelligent Autonomous Systems Science and Technology Strategy Issued

The U.S. Navy has published its S&T Strategy for Intelligent Autonomous Systems, which supports the Navy and Marine Corps Unmanned Campaign Framework published earlier this year.

The Science and Technology (S&T) Strategy for Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS) was recently released by the Navy.  In addition to outlining why IAS, which is the confluence of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomy, and Unmanned Systems, is essential to the Navy and Marine Corps team, the strategy describes the envisioned future, strategic goals, alignment, impact, strategic and operational governance, unique naval needs, technical framework, and ethics and trust associated with IAS.

From the strategy, the nine strategic goals are:

  • Create superiority in peacetime and wartime operations using evolutionary to disruptive IAS.
  • Employe IAS to better staff, equip, and train our forces.
  • Utilize IAS to expedite the connectivity between digital and physical environments.
  • Establish leadership, governance, and advocacy to achieve the IAS Vision.
  • Recruit, education, train, and retain a world-class workforce to excel in the IAS-enabled future.
  • Build the requisite physical, digital/data, and process infrastructure to accelerate continuous integration and interoperability maturation, test and evaluation, capability refinement, and sustainment.
  • Tailor acquisition methods and policy usage along with the operational concept development to operationalize and adopt IAS at the speed of innovation.
  • Maximize IAS innovation by fostering key partnerships, removing barriers, and sharing knowledge across the Department of the navy, warfighter community, U.S. government, industry, academia, and Allied partners.
  • Achieve dynamic teaming across the Naval Enterprise and realize seamless IAS interoperability with the other Services and Allied partners.

The Naval Postgraduate School, the Sea Land Air Military Research initiative (SLAMR), and the Joint Interagency Field Experimentation (JIFX) continue educating Navy and Marine Corps students, uniformed and civilian, in the classroom and through field experimentation programs in the the development, employment, and advancement of IAS. SLAMR continues advancing the opportunity for private sector, academia, and government teams to thrive in the intersection of shared research and development (R&D) efforts.  SLAMR is expanding its all-domain research and development environments, piloting business relationship innovations, and evolving the Digital Enterprise nationally (EDEN) to facilitate a whole-of-country response envisioned by the S&T Strategy for IAS.

Get a copy of the S&T Strategy for IAS to discover more!

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