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NPS Student 5G Projects Support U.S. Indo-Pacific Command

NPS Student 5G Projects Support U.S. Indo-Pacific Command

AT&T and the Naval Postgraduate School are collaboratively investigating how 5G capabilities might assist the U.S. Department of Defense. Image courtesy of AT&T (

The Secure Maritime 5G research capability (aka, 5G at Sea) made available through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with AT&T advances Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) faculty and student investigation of how the U.S. Department of Defense can take advantage of the technology. Two examples of NPS student projects from a Information Warfare Systems Engineering class are the

The FiBu project considered how autonomous systems associated with Expeditionary Advance Base Operations (EABO) in the U.S. Indo-Pacific area of responsibility (AOR) might use 5G-equipped buoys for power and communications infrastructure. The ECHOS project considered how 5G capabilities might aid in providing military personnel robust medical care during EABO in the Inso-Pacific AOR.

Click FiBu and ECHOS to get a copy of the NPS student project presentations. To learn more about EABO, click here.

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