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Event Dates

JIFX 22-1: 1–5 November 2021
JIFX 22-2: 14–18 February 2022
JIFX 22-3: 16–20 May 2022
JIFX 22-4: 15–19 August 2022
To be considered for JIFX 22-1, please submit your experiment proposal no later than 22 September.

Applicants interested in attending a JIFX event to conduct an experiment must submit an experiment proposal for consideration. Multiple proposals addressing different experiments may be submitted and reviewed individually, however each proposal must address only one experiment.
Do not submit experiment proposals with requests for funding. Your submission will be treated as information only; it will not be treated as a proposal for funding. JIFX experiments are self-funded by experimenters.
If you intend to fly any aircraft at JIFX, click here for more information regarding additional required forms. These additional forms will be submitted through the experiment proposal form to the left.
If you intend to use any radio frequency (RF) devices, additional frequency information will be required and will be submitted through the experiment proposal form to the left. For more information, click here.
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