Required Forms for Flight at JIFX

Operating an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) at an NPS Field Experimentation (FX) event requires extensive paperwork. If you intend to fly any aircraft at JIFX (including “RC,” “Hobby,” “Quad Rotor”,  “Drones,” etc.), you must carefully read the following instructions and complete the required forms.

These forms are submitted along with your JIFX Proposal. Click the button below to submit a proposal.

Please note that you may not have to submit these forms if you have previously submitted them in the past year and the forms have not expired. Submit a proposal at the link below, and you will be contacted within 30 days regarding the current status of your forms.

Non-Government Flyers

Please carefully read all the instructions below before completing and submitting the following forms.

  • Requires a signature from your Insurance Representative in Box 9b.
  • Signatures MUST be in blue ink.
DD 2401: Civil Aircraft Landing Permit
  • Yes, this is required for UNMANNED systems.
  • Signatures MUST be in blue ink.
  • If your experiment involves multiple UAS, DD 2401 must list each model that will be flown at the event.
  • For Box 2, enter "McMillan Airfield, Camp Roberts"
  • For Box 4, enter "JIFX [insert year] Events"  
DD 2402: Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Signatures MUST be in blue ink.
  • The form must be signed by two people from your organization (Box 2b and 3).
Certificates of Liability Insurance
  • Each organization that will be flying non-government owned assets will also need to provide 2 Certificates of Liability Insurance showing a limit greater than or equal to $1,000,000. These documents will need to be requested from your insurance provider. The two certificates will show the same information, but list the following two organizations as the Certificate Holder: 
    California Military Department
    Attn: CAJS-SC-PC-CM
    P.O. Box 269101
    Sacramento, CA 95825

    President, Naval Postgraduate School
    Attn: Code21
    Monterey, CA 93943-5000
Click here to download all the required forms.

Government Flyers

Please carefully read the instructions below before completing and submitting the following forms.

  • This Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) instructional memo describes the process for procuring a IFC for Department of the Navy (DON) organizations. Other DoD entities must similarly obtain airworthiness certificate and authorization to fly from their respective service orgainization.