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JIFX 23-2

6–10 February 2023

NPS Field Laboratory at Camp Roberts
Focus Area: Human Performance Monitoring & Situational Awareness

JIFX events provide an opportunity for technology developers to interact with operational personnel to determine how their technology and ideas may support or enhance USG/DoD capabilities. The environment facilitates a collaborative learning environment between government, academia, industry, and NGOs to promote the identification and assessment of emerging and maturing technologies. These events enable rapid iteration on nascent technologies with the direct input of end users.

Concentration Areas

  • Human Systems Integration
  • Cyber Situational Awareness
  • Situational Awareness for Emergency Management
  • Manned / Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T)
  • Decision-Support Systems and Tools
  • Non-Radio Frequency Tagging, Tracking and Locating (TTL)
  • Enhanced Color Night Vision

Research Challenges

  • Use of augmented reality to enhance human performance and situational awareness
  • Integration of sensor data with situational awareness tools to respond to an unmanned aerial threat
  • Continuous tracking of persons and/or vehicles without the use of traditional electronic emitters.
  • Examination of cognitive load in the human-machine teaming environment
  • Leveraging wearable devices to improve human performance


JIFX 23-2 Experiments
               Experiment Title Organization
A-01 * Novel Aeroservoelastic Scaled Model M4 Engineering, Inc.
A-06 * Vision Navigation for GPS Denied Environments Rhoman Aerospace
A-07 Dronehub, Autonomous Batter and Payload Swap, Drop and Rearm for Drones Airrow Inc.
A-08 Aerial Vehicle Firestorm Labs
A-09 * Exploration of Multispectral Imaging in Camouflage Detection using an UAS Platform Naval Postgraduate School
B-01 * Carbon Dioxide-Derived Jet Fuel Demonstration Air Company
B-04 * Portable Electronic Ghost Signature (PEGS) Booz Allen Hamilton
C-01 Night-time Detection of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems with Security Cameras Image Insight Inc.
D-01 * Radio Integration System (RIS) 4.0 Operational Assessment USSOCOM - PEO-C4
D-02 * Quick Deploying LTE Microcell Networks using Ad-hoc Mesh Technology Beamlink
D-03 SeaDragon Quantum Shield
D-04 * USMC COC 5G Wireless Data Gathering AT&T
D-05 Data Strategy for Unmanned Systems Naval Postgraduate School
D-06 * Small Tactical/UAV SATCOM and data compression Honeywell
E-01 Cyber Situational Awareness Trellix (Formerly McAfee + FireEye)
F-01 SOF OPPS Skyline Software Systems
F-02 C2MP Skyline Software Systems
F-03 The Frontline Perception System (FPS) TurbineOne
F-04 Expeditionary Artificial Intelligence and Behavior Analysis at-the-edge for Tactical Surveillance for Multi-Domain Operations Gantz-Mountain Intelligence Automation Systems, Inc.
G-01 * Holographic Situational Awareness Avalon Holographics
G-02 * Man-Portable all-in-1 Weather System Vaisala Inc.
G-03 IHM GPS Denied Navigation Yotta Navigation
G-04 Situational Awareness using Streetlight Camera on NEMA Socket for Rapid Deployment Navio International, Inc.
G-06 Weather Hive – Automated Wind and Meteorological Sensing For Atmospheric Modeling and Situational Awareness Greensight Agronomics, Inc.
G-07 * Identification Friend or Foe Sensor DropDrone
G-08 Radiological Detection with Security Cameras Image Insight Inc.
H-01 Data at the Edge Premise Data
I-01 * SlateSafety BAND V2 SlateSafety
I-02 Eyetracking Tools for Neurophysiological Monitoring neuroFit
I-03 * Biosensors, Artificial Intelligence Health Augmentation Program Celbridge Science LLC
I-04 * Heat Illness Prevention Kenzen
J-01 Hand-Free Rappelling/Descent device Bailout Systems

* Experiment is pending additional approvals

JIFX Experimentation Week

All times are in Pacific time zone.

JIFX Experimentation Week


0900 Venue/Registration Opens
1000 Event Opening Brief*
Following Brief Flyers Meeting
1100–1700 Set-up / Frequency Verifications / Experimentation
1630 Evening Brief*


0730 Venue/Registration Opens
0800 Morning Brief*
Following Brief Flyers Meeting
0900–1700 Experimentation
1630 Evening Brief*


0730 Venue/Registration Opens
0800 Morning Brief*
Following Brief Flyers Meeting
0900–1700 Experimentation
1200 JIFX Stakeholders Meeting (Govt. Only)
1630 Evening Brief*


0730 Venue/Registration Opens
0800 Morning Brief*
Following Brief Flyers Meeting
0900–1200 Experimentation
1200 Event Closing Brief*

* All Briefs will be broadcast for virtual participation. Zoom for Government dial-in information will be provided to all registered participants via email.

More Information

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