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NWSI Concepts Branch Facilitator Training

Date: February 21, 2023 to February 23, 2023
Time: 0900-1600 Pacific
Location: Root 201 and ZoomGov
Forum: Hybrid (both In Person and Virtual)

NWSI is designing and executing this first facilitator training activity with the NavalX Center for Adaptive Warfighting (CAW) to include: Tuesday 21 February 1300-1600: Innovation for Seapower Seminar - "What if..." A set of seminars with leading innovators to set the stage and demonstrate impact. Wednesday 22 February 0900-1200, 1300-1600: WARFIGHTER CENTERED DESIGN A full day led by the Center for Adaptive Warfighting drawn from their “train the trainer” curriculum to introduce the steps in the warfighter center design process, highlight the function of each step in the process, and share facilitation tools to accomplish the mission. Thursday 23 February 0900-1200: Innovation for Seapower Discovery Panel - "The Why and the How" A moderated panel discussion with “master facilitators” will be followed by a facilitated discussion about what has worked, what has not worked, and sharing insights and tools from all of our facilitation toolklits. This initial NWSI Concept Branch Facilitator training scheduled for 21-23 February 2023 is intended to launch the Innovation for Seapower (IFS) collection of activities, seminars, and speakers. Each activity or event in this series will be designed to help NPS students better address complex military problem spaces and move from a “How might we…” question to a “What if…” solution space.

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