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The mission of Faculty Administration is to provide a range of services and support to faculty, administrators and leadership on the implementation of NPS policies and procedures for academic employees.

Promotion & Tenure

The promotion and tenure period begins in the summer quarter with the determination by the Academic Units of the faculty candidates to be considered in this year's cycle and the appointment of the Department Evaluation Committees (DECs) and the School Evaluation Committees (SECs) in GSBPP. The candidates prepare their documentation packages following the prescribed format and submit them to the Chair and DECs, allowing the DECs to begin their deliberations. The Chair solicits letters of reference in September and October for all tenure-track faculty candidates, and any other faculty candidates for whom it is considered appropriate. The Faculty Promotion Council and Deans’ Council meet during the winter quarter. Letters announcing the P&T results are distributed in April. Promotions are effective the following July, and tenure is awarded effective on the dates noted on letters sent to the candidates. Read more on the Faculty Administration website.

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