Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety FAQ
  • NPS Medical Emergency Assistance (Fire Dept 9-911)
  • POM-A Fire Dept Ext 242-7700
  • Telephone OSH Office - Ext 2822/3117
  • If mishap results in >1 day of lost time, First Line Supervisor of the injured employee convenes a Mishap Investigation Teams to conduct the investigation and complete the reporting procedures, via ESAMS. 
  • If mishap results in no lost time, the Fist Line Supervisor submits a Mishap Report via ESAMS, within 6 days of the mishap.
  • For Civilians: Appropriate CA-1 should be submitted to Navy Region Southwest, San Diego, Injury Compensation Office by FAX (619) 532-1287, Compensation Specialist phone (619)532-3909; DSN 522-3909.
  • Contact your Department Haz Mat Coordinator for assistance.
  • Contact NPS Hazardous Material Coordinator, Kathleen Franklin, Ext 7661.
  • Notify your supervisor.
  • If applicable - Call the Public Works trouble desk for emergency repair, Ext 2526.
  • If an unsafe condition can not be resolved at supervisor level, submit a Navy Employee Report of Unsafe or Unhealthful Working Condition Form, OPNAV 5100/11 (hard copy should be available on department official bulletin boards [Here is a .pdf copy].   It is preferred that you report Unsafe/ Unhealthful Working Conditions utilizing the ESAMS application *
  • If this is an emergency, call the OSH Office at Ext 2822/7748 or Public Works trouble desk at Ext 2526.

Safety Shoes

Contact your supervisor or Department Safety Coordinator. Your supervisor will recommend whether you require safety shoes based on your work assignment.

If you require safety shoes:

  • Purchase safety shoes from a local store, i.e., Sears, Penney's, Red Wing, etc.
  • Submit receipt to Department Supply Tech for appropriate reimbursement to the employee.

Safety Glasses

Contact your supervisor or Department Safety Coordinator. Your supervisor will recommend whether you require eye protection at your work site. Protective goggles or face shields will be ordered and provided by your Department.

If you require prescription safety glasses, which is determined by your supervisor based on the type and frequency of required work, you will be scheduled for an eye exam at POM Medical Detachment for appropriate prescription by the OSH Office, Ext 2822/2475.

Once prescription is obtained by employee - give the prescription to your Department Supply Tech to make arrangements with a vendor, i.e. Lens Crafters, for the purchase.

  • Use the nearest fire alarm box and Dial 9911. Know the location of the nearest alarm box in advance of needing to use it.
  • Quickly exit the building. Ensure any physically challenged personnel are provided assistance to exit the building. Elevators are not to be utilized during a fire situation in a building. In accordance with NAVPGSCHOLINST 1132C.3C, supervisors are responsible to designate at least three individuals to assist in the evacuation of physically challenged personnel if needed.
  • If time permits, close doors and windows to confine the fire and prevent drafts.
  • Attempt to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher if safe to do so. Do not endanger yourself or others in this effort.  Training in the use of Fire Extinguishers is available through the NPS Fire Inspectors.
  • Assemble away from the building to a pre-designated area assigned by your building coordinator. All personnel must be accounted for.
  • Don’t panic - do not run outside - stay inside building -- take cover - get under a desk, table, door threshold - stay away from glass if possible.
  • When tremor is complete, check for injuries and give assistance - exit building.
  • Do not use the telephone - this will prevent emergency calls and eventually tie up all lines.
  • For further information regarding what to do before, during and after an earthquake refer to NPS Security Department Web Site for detailed information.
  • Contact the Environmental Office, Ext 2841 or OSH Office, Ext 2822.
  • Environmental Office will take a water sample and send it out for appropriate testing.
  • If office equipment - ask a fellow employee for assistance.
  • If office furniture - plan ahead and submit a Work Request to Public Works for a work crew to move the heavy items with appropriate moving equipment, i.e., lifts, hand truck, etc.
  • Inform your supervisor.
  • Contact the Public Works’ Trouble Desk for spraying services. (Contract)
  • Contact Environmental Office to inspect site to determine the cause of infestation.

Supervisor submits employee for an Individual Safety Award to the OSH Office in February.

  • Inform your supervisor and do not disturb suspect material.
  • Contact the OSH Office, Ext 2822 (Command) / 2475 (PWD).
  • Contact the Environmental Office , Ext 2841 to take appropriate sample for testing and verification of asbestos.
  • Inform your supervisor.
  • Submit Exposure Incident Investigation report per NAVPGSCHOLINST 5100.2F, to the tending physician and a copy must be provided to the OSH Office, Code N35. Your Supervisor in turn must submit a mishap report in ESAMS.  A CA-1 form must be forwarded to the San Diego Southwest region HRO within 48 hours; Fax(619) 532-1287.  Call the Compensation Specialist at (619) 532-3909 or DSN 522-3909.
  • Report to the POM Medical Detachment Clinic, Ext 242-7990 for a medical evaluation (within 24 hours) and a post-incident follow-up (6-months).
  • Inform your supervisor.
  • Fill out "Employee Comfort Survey" and "Questionnaire" (on-line form; link here).
  • Then, contact the OSH Office, Ext 3117/2822 to arrange for an appointment.
  • The OSH Office will schedule a convenient time with the employee for the survey.
  • Once the survey is complete, a written summary will be forwarded to the employee’s supervisor.


HEAT SYNCOPE (least serious)

HEAT CRAMPS (more serious)


HEAT STROKE (Most Serious)

Muscle Cramps






Normal, Moist

Normal, Moist-Warm

Cold, Clammy

Hot, Dry




Normal or Slightly Elevated


Loss Of Consciousness






Normal to Heavy



Little or None

First Aid

Move to cool place

Move to cool place

Move to cool place






Lie Down

Rest Affected Muscle

Elevate legs

Move to cool place

Give Water

Give a lot of cold water

Cool Victim

Immediately cool victim




Elevate head and shoulders


Monitor ABC's

Monitor ABC's

NPS Medical Assistance (Fire Dept Ext 2333)

  • "Any near miss involving an industrial process where activities avoid a fatality or catastrophic loss merely by chance: i.e., If someone says, 'Boy were lucky we didn't kill somebody'."
  • YOU should report "near miss" incidents by informal correspondence (OSH Office, Ext 3117/2822, or your supervisor) OR submit a Near-Miss Report in ESAMS.
  • You may use either of these methods to describe any situation having mishap potential or as a vehicle to make recommendations to improve safety or occupational health.
  • A signature is not required to submit a SAFETYGRAM to the Safety Office.
** It is preferred that you report Unsafe/ Unhealthful Working Conditions utilizing the ESAMS application