Safety Review

Safety Review and Planning

EARLY communications and planning with the NPS Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental (OSHE) staff will help your project in defining the correct controls, timeline, budget items, and contract terms for your project in order to avoid project delays.

1.  Review the following Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Primer for common hazards that could impact research projects.

2.  Does Occupational Safety, Health, or Environmental apply to your proposal or project? If in doubt, email If there is a change in Use of Space, newly planned or purchased Lab or Workshop Equipment, or if your effort includes Outdoor activities or fieldwork then you definitely need to talk with us!

3. If NPS OSHE needs to be informed of your project or activity, then please contact us at 656-7758, or  

We will discuss your proposal, project, or purchase with you ,and initiate a Safety Review Sheet. This lets you know what reviews are needed and communicate throughout the review process.    

The Project Description document below lets you know the types of details to think about as you plan your proposal, project and budget.   We will work with you to identify which details are relevant to your research effort.  As your project evolves from concept to reality, these details will need to be determined and usually will need to be written down for the IH, PW, etc. Also review the Project Description as you are developing your planning, timeline, and budget. Are there safety or environmental analyses or controls that need to have time and budget included in your proposal to your sponsor?

4.  Have you initiated a Facilities/Site Approval review? 

5.  Additional Information about program specific safety reviews.

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