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Ionizing Radiation Program

Ionizing radiation program is under the control of the Research Safety Office.


Recall Bill for Radiological Emergencies

In the event of a radiological spill, fire, flood, explosion or emergency (defined below) contact the RSO/ ARSO as follows: 

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
Assistant Radiation Safety Officer


  • External radiation exposure in excess of the limits.
  • External radiation exposure in excess of the ACLs.
  • Personnel contamination.
  • Exposure of personnel to airborne radioactivity.
  • A mishap resulting in the inhalation or ingestion of a measurable quantity of radioactive material.
  • Unauthorized or accidental entry of personnel into a high radiation area or unauthorized or
  • accidental entry into a radiation area and the person(s) receives an estimated unmonitored exposure of greater than two mrem.
  • Entry into a high radiation area without the required dosimetric devices and one mrem or more of exposure is received.
  • Spills of radioactive material outside controlled areas.
  • The loss of radioactive material or machines that produce ionizing radiation.
  • Release of radioactive material into the environment above the effluent limits of Appendix B of 10 CFR 20.
  • Receipt of packages with contamination or radiation levels in excess of 10 CFR 71 limits.
  • Failure of safety devices to function properly such as an interlock not terminating exposure.
  • Leaking sealed radioactive source.
  • Discharges or spills of material or fluids that might be considered pollutants which endanger critical water areas, have the potential to generate public concern, become the focus of enforcement action, have domestic or international implications, or pose a threat to public health or welfare.
  • Unauthorized disposal of radioactive material.


Radiation Workers-Contact the RSO



Non-Radiation Workers-Contact the RSO



RASP RAM Custodians-Contact the RSO


Members of the Public and Other Organizational Personnel


Radiation Safety Resources

For the latest Regulations and Resources, please contact the Radiation Safety Officer.


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