Our Next Monthly Meeting:

Date:  6 May 2024
Time:  1200-1250 (Pacific Time (US & Canada))
Location: Online Only

Remote Connection: Zoom Meeting – Connection details are sent to all current CRUSER members. If you are not a member, please join the CRUSER community of interest.

Dial-in:  TBD

1200-1205  Welcome - Dr. Mara Orescanin, Director, CRUSER
1205-1245  Emil Kartalov, Physics Department, NPS - UUVs Propelled by Archimedes Force, for Large-Scale Mine Operations
1245-1250  Closing Remarks


Upcoming Meeting Dates

June 3Steven Haddock, MBARI - One if by Air, Two if by Sea: Autonomous Platforms for Ocean Monitoring at MBARI / Ensigns Sam Nafus and Cade Trauger
July 1Joseph Klamo - TBD
August 5Dave Ortiz-Suslow

Monthly Meeting Description

About the CRUSER Monthly Meeting

The CRUSER Monthly Meeting is both a community discussion and a venue for presentation of naval relevant research.  The event is open to all CRUSER members (click here to join) and is typically hosted on the first or second Monday of each month at 1200 Pacific Time.  The first potion of the meeting is announcements on relevant events and activities specific to NPS involvement in robotics and autonomous systems research and education.  The second portion of the meeting is normally two 20-minute seminar-style briefs from the CRUSER community.  These are often NPS students, faculty and/or researchers presenting their work, but are often provided by other naval commands, academic institutions or industry. 

We welcome a broad range of research topics, "from technical to ethical, from concept to experiment", with the goal of providing value for our CRUSER members, which include NPS students, faculty and staff; active-duty military; government civilian researchers; and the private-sector.  The monthly meeting venue provides and opportunity for CRUSER members to raise awareness of their work, invite collaboration and gather feedback from our broad range of constituents. 

All presentations must be approved for public release.  (Other venues can be provided for limited distribution briefs and discussion.)  We do not distribute the presentation documents or recordings, but, where appropriate, link to presenter contact information for follow-up discussions.

Past Meetings - Table

Past Meetings

See the info below for meeting guest speakers, subjects, and links to materials (if available).


Speaker / Topic

April Kristen Fletcher & Marina Lesse, Energy Academic Group, NPS - The Role of UxS in Addressing Climate Challenges
Dr. Kevin Jones, Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Dr. Duane Davis, Dept of Computer Science, and CDR Katy Giles, USN, NPS - Tightly Coupled Formation Flight of Swarms to Support Extended Range and Deception
March Kaitlin Penry, Director of Research Innovation, NPS - NIX Update
LT Kyle J. Goncz, Student, Mechanical Engineering and SEA Programs Office, NPS - Object Detection of Unmanned Surface Vehicles
February Dr. Mara Orescanin, Director, CRUSER - STEM Design Challenge Update
Sarasina Tuchen, USDOT, Highly Automated Systems Safety Center of Excellence - Automation Strategy in the Implementation of the AAM Coordination and Leadership Act
January Lyla Englehorn, NWSI, NPS - 2023 WIC Workshop Outcomes
Dr. John McConnell, Assistant Professor, USNA - Situational Awareness for Underwater Robotics
December CAPT Matthew LaPointe, Senior Advisor, OPNAV N13 for Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Robotic Autonomous Systems - Navy Robotics Rating (RxS)
November Kenny Watts, Implevation, LLC - Overview of Army Redstone Arsenal Unmanned Aircraft Systems RDT&E Entities and Programs
Dr. Preetha Thulasiraman, ECE Department, NPS - 5G and Networked UAV Systems: Opportunities and Constraints
October John Joseph, Oceanography Department, NPS - PSAP: Soundscape Listening Forevermore
Dr. Vlad Dobrokhodov, MAE Department, NPS - Navigating Complex Winds: Fuel-Optimal Guidance for Ultra-Long Endurance Flight
September Dr. Ruriko Yoshida, Dept. of Operations Research, NPS - Randomized Routing Strategies for Deception in Mobile Networked Control Systems
Dr. Britta Hale, Dept. of Computer Science, NPS - Changing the Paradigm for UxS Security, Robustness, and Efficiency in Communication Connections
August LtCol Scott Humr, PhD Candidate, Information Sciences, NPS - Judgment and Temporal Evolution of Trust in Artificial Intelligence-Supported Decision-Making
Dr. Shelley Gallup, Information Sciences, NPS - LMACC: Lightly Manned Autonomous Combat Capability
July Capt. Deondra Irby, Information Warfare Systems Engineering Student, NPS - Woman's Impact Tech Conference
Doug Horner, Chair, Undersea Warfare Academic Group, NPS and Geoff Xie, Computer Science Dept, NPS - Behavior Integrated Optimization for Networked Control Systems (BION)
June LT Devon Florendo, Systems Engineering Student, NPS - Using Design-Test-Build cycles to Demonstrate Propulsion in a Karman Vortex Using a Flexible Body
Kristen Fletcher & Marina Lesse, Energy Academic Group, NPS - UxS: Governance and Policy Research at NPS
May Dr. Christopher Brophy, Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NPS - Progress Towards a Rapid-Response Counter-Swarm Delivery System
Dr. Don Brutzman, Dept. of Information Sciences, NPS - Ocean Power Technology (OPT) PB3 PowerBuoy Opportunities for NPS Applied Researchs
April LT Marissa Samons, SURFDEVRON ONE, USN and LT Jorge Rivas, USVDIV1, USN - Medium and Large USV 101
Dr. Abe Clark, Dept. of Physics and Dr. Isaac Kaminer, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, NPS - Scaling and Trade-offs in Adversarial Swarm Engagements
March Jessica Herman, Professor of Practice, NPS - Robotics Certificate Update
Dennis Danko, CDR USN (Ret), JPEM Program Manager - Joint Prototyping and Experimentation Maritime
February Dr. Troy Ansell, MAE Dept, NPS - Printing and Poling Piezoelectric Polymer Composites with Boron Nitride Nanotubes
LT Jiles Maness, LTJG Chris Mears, Defense Analysis Students and LT Dumas, Space Systems Student, NPS – Hyper-Enabling Operators with Unmanned Systems and Pleo Constellationsg
January Dr. Mara Orescanin, Dept of Oceanography, NPS - CRUSER SEED Research Program – Application Results
Dr. Eric Frew, Professor, Ann and H.J. Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department, University of Colorado Boulder - Innovation Beyond Integration: The Center for Autonomous Air Mobility and Sensing
November Christian Fitzpatrick, Dept of Computer Science, NPS, Kristen Fletcher, Energy Academic Group, NPS, Marina Lesse, Energy Academic Group, NPS and Capt. Tim Socha, Student, NPS - Interactive Synthetic Environment (ISE) to Evaluate Zero-Carbon UAS Launch Platforms in the Arctic
October Ms. Lyla Englehorn, NWSI Concepts Branch Lead, NPS - NWSI Warfare Innovation Continuum (WIC) Workshop 2022 “Future Hybrid Force"
LT Heuback, Dept of Mechanical Engineering Student, NPS – Cooperative Control of Multiple Autonomous Surface Vessels in a GPS-Denied Environmenth
September Dr. Mara Orescanin, Dept of Oceanography, NPS - CRUSER SEED Research Program - Call for Proposals
Dr. Signe A. Redfield, Director, Laboratory for Autonomous Systems Research (LASR), US Naval Research Laboratory - Laboratory for Autonomous Systems Research
August LCDR Jessica Olena - PMS 406 Unmanned Maritime Systems, Advanced Autonomous Capabilities Assistant Program Manager - Rapid Autonomy Integration Lab - An Approach to Unmanned Maritime Software Development
John Joseph, Dept of Oceanography, NPS - PSAP: Persistent Smart Acoustic Profiler
July Dr. Leo Blanken, MAJ Patrick Foley, Michael Stevens, Dept. of Defense Analysis and Dr. Kevin Jones, Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NPS - Enabling Partner Force Innovation as a Form of Security Force Assistance: The Case of COTS Drones
Alexander Kernbaum, Robotics SRI International
June Col Randy Pugh, Senior U.S. Marine Corps Service Rep, NPS - Naval Warfare Studies Institute (NWSI) Brief
Christopher Adams, Director, MAE Dept, NPS - Nimitz Research Group Brief
May Dr. Kevin Jones, Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NPS - Aqua-Quad, Progress and Challenges
Capt. Christian Thiessen, USMC, Dr. Kevin Jones, Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Dr. Britta Hale, Dept. of Computer Science, Dr. Douglas Van Bossuyt, Dept. of Systems Engineering, NPS - Countering Uncrewed Aircraft Systems with the Detachable Drone Hijackerf
April Col Randy Pugh, Senior U.S. Marine Corps Service Rep, NPS - Naval Warfare Studies Institute (NWSI) Brief
Christopher Adams, Director, MAE Dept, NPS - Nimitz Research Group Brief
March Dr. Brian Bingham, Director, CRUSER, Jessica Herman, MAE Dept, and Marianna Jones, Systems Engineering Dept, NPS - NPS Robotics Engineering Graduate Certificate
Dr. Mara Orescanin, Dept of Oceanography, NPS - Design Challenge for Discovery Day at NPS
February Megen Schlesinger, Deputy Director, NavalX Central Coast (C2) Tech Bridge and Travis Linderman, Managing Director, Academic Venture Exchange - Central Coast Tech Bridge SBIR/STTR Opportunities
January Joanne Pilcher, Global Science Advisor Program Director (Acting), ONR Global NAVIFOR Science Advisor, Naval Information Forces, ONR - Naval Research Global Overview - Science Advisor Program
December Noah Weitz, Dr. James Newman, and Dr. Giovanni Minelli, Space Systems Academic Group, NPS - Predictive Failure Analysis for Autonomous Networked Ground Stations
Dr. Don Brutzman, Dept. of Information Sciences, NPS, Dr. Curt Blais, NPS MOVES Institute, and Kristen Fletcher, Energy Academic Group, NPS - Data Strategy for Unmanned Systems Field Experimentation (FX), Simulation and Analysis
November No meeting
October Dr. Christopher Brophy and Dr. Joshua Codoni, Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NPS - Counter Aerial UxS Munition Delivery System: Overview and Status Update
September Dr. Abe Clark, Dept. of Physics, Dr. Isaac Kaminer, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, and Maj. Wish, Combat Systems Program Office, NPS - Modeling and optimization of adversarial swarm engagements
Dr. Mustafa Canan, Dept. of Information Sciences, NPS with Dr. Mustafa Demir, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Global Security Initiative, ASU - Open System Modeling and Human Machine Teams
August Dr. Douglas Van Bossuyt & Dr. Robert Semmens, Dept. of Systems Engineering, NPS with Bryan Mesmer, Dept. Industrial & Systems Engineering and Engineering Management & Kristin Weger: Dept of Psychology, Univ. Alabama, Huntsville - How to Build Human-Autonomy Teams: Enabling Requirements, Adoption, and Verification
July Dr. Donald Brutzman, Dept. of Information Sciences, NPS - Ethical Control of Unmanned Systems
Dr. Robert Semmens, Dept. of Systems Engineering, NPS - Developing Tactical Judgment in a Human-Robot Team
June Dr. Timothy Chung, DARPA Program Manager - Accelerating Innovations for Robotics in Complex Real World Environments
May Dr. Corey Bergsrud, Engineer, Innovator, Leader, and Mentor, Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division - Great Power Competition & Opportunities for UXV's in the Maritime "Gray Zone"
Maj. Logan Marcucci, Defense Analysis Student, NPS - DevOps to SpecOps: SOF Truths for AI Adoptione
Apr George Galdorisi, Director, Strategic Assessments and Technical Futures, NIWC Pacific - Algorithms of Armageddon: What Happens When We Insert AI Into Our Military Weapons Systems? Link to Associated Paper
Mar Kristen Fletcher, Energy Academic Group, NPS - Legal Aspects of UxS
Dr. Raymond Buettner, Director, Sea Land Air Military Research, NPS– SLAMR Update

Dr. Shelley Gallup, Information Sciences, NPS - Operationalizing Human-Machine Teams in Surface Warfare
Doug Horner, Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, NPS - AUV Active Terrain Aided Navigation

Jan Quinn Kennedy, Operation Research Dept, NPS and Perry McDowell, MOVES Institute, NPS - ONR Funding Opportunities for Student Theses
Dec Scot Miller, Dept. Of Information Sciences, NPS - Building a Human Machine Team for the MQ-25
Brian Nowotny, DoD Autonomy Test Lead, TRMC - Assured DevOps of Autonomous Systems (ADAS)
Nov Geoff Xie, Computer Science Dept, NPS –Delay Tolerant Networking for Mobile Communications
Ruriko Yoshida, Dept. of Operations Research, NPS – Red Cell - Operational Deception planning
Douglas Horner, Dept. of Mechanical Aerospace Engineering, NPS Hybrid Autonomy - Encoding Commander’s Intent
Oct Isaac Kaminer, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, NPS - Counter-Swarming Strategies Against Large Scale Adversarial Swarms
John Roth and David Garren, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NPS – Radar waveform optimization for Calibration of a UAV Swarm
Sep No Meeting
Aug Dr. Joshua Codoni and Dr. Christopher Brophy, Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, NPS - Counter Aerial UxS Munition Delivery System
Jul Ms. Lyla Englehorn, NPS - Rapid Concept Generation
LCDR Kevin Klemens, USNR - Open Source Unmanned Systems
Jun Dr. Emil Kartalov, Department of Physics, NPS - 3D-Printable Artificial Muscles
LT Johnathan Marks, USN - Wave-induced ROV Motions when Operating Near-Surface
May  Dr. Raymond Buettner, Dept. of Information Sciences and Director of the NPS Field Experimentation Program - Sea Land Air Military Initiative (SLAMR) Update
Dr. Donald Brutzman, Dept. of Information Sciences - Ethical Control of Unmanned Systems using Formal Mission Ontologies for Undersea Warfare
Apr CDR Chris Angelopoulos, Director Cybersecurity, MOVES - Augmented Reality Research, NPS
Dr. Raymond Gamache, Dr. Fabio Alves, Dr. Paul Leary, Professors of Physics, NPS. Physics Electronics: Pathway to the Future Autonomous Battlefield
Mar Hans Thomas, UAV supervisor, Monterey Bay Aquarium research Institute (MBARI) UAV program. Water Column Science and Geophysics using Dorado AUV
Feb Dr. Mara Orescanin, Dept of Oceanography, Machine learning techniques for coastal landscape classification
Jan COL Tim Sands, Ph.D., Assoc. Dean, Graduate School of Engineering & Applied Science. Deterministic Artificial Intelligence for Surmounting Battle Damage
Dec LT Meagan Way, USN: SMi 4th Annual UAV Technology Conference; NPS SE Student Team: sUAV-E project: UAV Swarm Potential Uses
Nov Noah Weitz, Space Systems Academic Group, NPS: Mobile CubeSat, Command, and Control (MC3) Ground Station Automation and Situational Awareness
Dr. MaraOrescanin, Dept of Oceanography: Machine learning techniques for coastal landscape classification
Oct MAJ Michael Senft, USA, LT Richard Rodriguez, USN, and LT Matthew Hendricks, USN - Hack the Machine 2019
Sep WIC Workshop: Logistics in Contested Environments
Col. John Dillard (Ret.), Senior Lecturer, Systems Engineering - Emerging results on the "Expeditionary Countermine Measures Sustainment" study
Aug Ms. Lyla Englehorn, CRUSER Assoc. Director - Royal Australian Navy's Warfare Innovation Workshop
MAJ Zhaolin Chen, Republic of Singapore Air Force. Network Performance Evaluation of ROS 2 for Unmanned Systems using NS3 Simulations
Jul Mr. Josh Metz, Economic Development Manager, Fort Ord Reuse Authority - Monterey Bay Drone, Automation & Robotics Technology (DART) Initiative: A regional economic development strategy
Jeremy Metcalf, PH Dept - Analysis of Spectral Imagery using Map Information
Jun Dr. Marcello Romano, MAE Dept - Minimum-Time Control of Linear Systems between Arbitrary States
MAJ Joshua Gordon, USMC - Simulation analysis of tactical unmanned aerial systems' capabilities in support of the Marine Air Ground Task Force
May MAJ Justin Murphy, USMC – Proof of concept into bursty/short-living communication networks interconnected by aerial biological nodes (birds)
Dr. Curt Blais, NPS MOVES Institute - Unmanned System Interoperability Standardization CRUSER Project Update: U.S. Navy and International Community Efforts
Apr MAJ Gonzalo Santiago and LT Gary Lattimore – Scan Eagle Research Update
LT Austin Fleming - Naval Applications of Machine Learning 2019 Workshop Round-up
Mar Capt Ashley Brown - Effective Humanitarian Logistics Delivery using Space-filling Curves
Feb Ric Romero & Lt. Justin McCorkle - Active Sonar Matched Waveform for Resonant Spherical Mine Target
Jan Captain Mike Franco, USMC and Captain Steve Spada, USMC: Fundamentals of C2 as applied to Manned-Unmanned Teaming
Dec Dr. Fabio Alves, NPS: Acoustic detection of Small Flying UAS using bio-inspired MEMS sensors
Dr. Margo Edwards, Director Applied Research Laboratory Researcher at the University of Hawaii: The Applied Research Laboratory at the University of Hawaii
Nov Dr. Mara S. M. Orescanin, NPS: Classification of Littoral Environments using Deep Learning
LT Ross Eldred, USN: AUV Prototype Development for Wreck Interior Exploration
Oct Professor Kristi Morgansen, Empirical Methods at the Boundary of Model-Based and Learned Integrated Sensing and Actuation
Sep WIC Workshop: The Impact of Robotics and Autonomy on the Future Battlespace
Dr. Brian Bingham: Welcome and CRUSER FY19 Call for Proposals Discussion
Aug Boon Hong Aaron Teow: Assessing Effectiveness of Using Combat UGV Swarm in Urban Operationse
Wee Leong Lee: Feasibility Assessment of sUAS-based FOD Detection System
Jul Dr. Ray Buettner and NPS CRUSER Staff: Cybersecurity for UxV Systems
LT Andy Schnieders: Comparison Study of Low-Level Controller Techniques for Unmanned Surface Vessels
Jun LT Tiffany Clark: Integrity-Based Trust Violations within Human-Machine Teaming
Sondre Engebraten – Test and Evaluation of Decentralized Controller for a Multi-Function Drone Swarm
May CPT Todd Howe – Planning and Prototyping a SAR Mission with UxVs
Apr Dr. Alex Bordetsky, NPS, Director of CENETIX – Integrating and operating the Multi-Thread Experiment (MTX) Maritime, Land and Air Network
Mar Dr. Doug Horner, Dr. Alex Bordetsky, Dr. Sean Kragelund and Aurelio Monarrez- Multi-Thread Experiment (MTX)
CDR Katy Giles, USN - Mission-based Architecture for Swarm Composability
Feb Dr. Ray Buettner and Ashley Hobson, NPS - Sea, Land, and Air Military Research (SLAMR) Facility
Gerald Scott, NPS - Field Experimentation 18-2
Jan Michael McCarrin, NPS - Enhancing Object Recognition in LIDAR Point-Cloud Data
Jessica Reichers, NAWCWD - Autonomous Research Arena (AuRa) Human-Machine Interface