Call for Proposals

2021 Call for Proposals

CRUSER is now accepting research proposals for the 2021 Seed Research Program.  The program provides an environment for students, faculty and staff to collaborate both internally and externally with the common goal of accelerating the development and fielding of unmanned systems across the Department of the Navy (DON). 

  • Proposals Due, 2 October  

  • Funding Announcement (Anticipated), 23 October  

  • Period of Performance (Anticipated), 1 January to 31 December 2021  

  • Maximum Funding Levels: 

    • $300,000 for multidisciplinary efforts relevant to the CRUSER Seed Research Themes.  

    • $150,000 otherwise

See the Call for Proposals (PDF Document Download) for program details and submission instructions.  Submissions are limited to NPS Principal Investigators.

Nested Applications
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CRUSER Research

CRUSER has funding to support NPS Faculty research focused on any aspect of unmanned systems/robotics related research.  Researchers are selected based upon presentations at our spring Technical Continuum (TechCon) or our annual Call for Proposals. Proposals that support concepts from our current innovation thread are encouraged, but all research related to unmanned systems or robotics will be considered. 

CRUSER has been seeding research since 2011. For past Annual Reports with project summaries, see the list below.


CRUSER TechTalks

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CRUSER Funding FY12-20


Current Funded Research

Counter Aerial UxS Munition Delivery System
Prof. Christopher Brophy
Prof. Joshua Codoni

Robodata Daffodil: Converting Actual and Simulated Robot Telemetry and Metadata for Archival DTIC Publication
Prof. Don Brutzman
Scot Miller, CAPT, USN, (Ret.)
Prof. Curtis Blais

Self Powering of AUVs via Energy Harvesting from Ocean Wave Energy
Prof. Jarema Didoszak

Evaluation of Novel Carbon Nano Tube Materials for Defeating Counter UxV Methods by Enabling EMI/RFI/ESD Shielding
Prof. Vladimir Dobrokhodov
Prof. Claudia Luhrs
Dr. Paul Leary

WIEVLE – Development and Testing of a Spherical UUV Platform
Ross Eldred
Prof. Tony Pollman

Next Generation PNT via Automatic Calibration of Dynamic Coherent Radar UAV Swarm Arrays
Prof. David Garren
Prof. Phillip Pace

Advanced Topics in Mixed-Initiative, UxV Networked Control Systems
Prof. Douglas Horner
Prof. Geoffrey Xie
Prof. Ruriko Yoshida

Cross-eye Jamming Using UAVs
Prof. David Jenn

Multi-Domain UxS Swarming
Prof. Kevin Jones
Prof. Katy Giles, CDR, USN
Prof. Duane Davis

Robust Counter UxS Strategies Against Multi-Domain Super Swarms
Prof. Isaac Kaminer
Prof. Claire Walton
Prof. Sean Kragelund
Prof. Wei Kang

Optimizations of 3D-Printable Artificial Muscles for Quiet UUV Propulsion
Prof. Emil Kartalov

Persistent Mobile Surveillance and Real-Time Target Motion Estimation from a Wave Glider SV3
Dr. Paul Leary
Prof. Kevin Smith

Human Machine Teaming in a Hybrid Network Control System
Prof. Mollie McGuire
Prof. Aurelio Monarrez

Human Machine Teaming: The Trust and Utilization of Robotic Systems during Infantry Operations in an Urban Environment
Prof. Mollie McGuire
Prof. Christian Fitzpatrick

Development of Autonomous Capabilities for MC3 Satellites and Ground Stations
Prof. Jim Newman
Giovanni Minelli

Remote sensing of submarine wakes using USVs and UUVs
Prof. Timour Radko
Prof. John Joseph

ROS 2 Cyber Network Performance Using Scalable Quality of Service and Security Classifications
Prof. Preetha Thulasiraman

Motivating Use of Unmanned Assets in Human-Autonomy Teaming
Prof. Douglas Van Bossuyt
Prof. Robert Semmens

Rotary-Wing UAS for Evaporation Duct Measurements Using mini-Dropsondes
Prof. Qing Wang
Ryan Yamaguchi

Localization of Unmanned Ground Systems Using the Zero Velocity Update Technique in the Absence of GNSS
Prof. Xiaoping Yun
Prof. James Calusdian


2019 Funded Research 

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Principal Investigators
Bio-inspired MEMS acoustic sensor for small flying UAS localization
2018 Funded Research 

2018 Funded Research 

Asset Publisher
Principal Investigators
Bio-inspired MEMS acoustic sensor for robotic autonomous systems applications
2017 Funded Research

2017 Funded Research

Asset Publisher
Principal Investigators
Bio-inspired MEMS acoustic sensor for robotic autonomous systems applications
Investigation of unsteady hydrodynamic loads on a UUV during near surface operations
2016 Funded Research - title

2016 Funded Research

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Prior Funded Research

To see research funded prior to 2016, please see our Annual Reports.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports

CRUSER annual reports, available beginning with FY11, include a summary of activities for the year as well as seeded research project summaries. These reports, all processed as NPS Technical Reports, are available through the NPS Dudley Knox Library.