2024 Funded Research

2024 Funded Research

2024 Current Funded Research

Network Integration of Bio-Inspired MEMS Acoustic Vector Sensors for Counter UAS Target Acquisition
Dr. Fabio Alves
Dr. Carl Oros

UxS Manned/Unmanned Secure Teaming Platform Evaluation in Contested Littoral Environments
Dr. Britta Hale
Aurelio Monarrez
Joseph Lukefahr

Generative AI for Temporal Policy Planning for Robotic Collaborative Control
Prof. Douglas Horner
Prof. Geoffrey Xie
Prof. Ruriko Yoshida

Irregular Warfare in the Gobi – Unmanned Systems Supporting Mongolian Sovereignty
Dr. Shannon Houck
Dr. Douglas Borer

Distributed Attitude and Trajectory Control for a Space-Based Solar Power System
Dr. Jennifer Hudson
Dr. Carson Vogt

Modeling and Simulation Family of Systems for the Green Energy Ship (GES) Concept
Dr. Jennifer Hudson
Prof. Jessica Herman

LUSV Cyber Defense
Dr. Scott Jasper

Wide-area remote sensing of hydrodynamic signals with micro-AUVs
Dr. John Joseph
Dr. Timor Radko

MAD-CAT: Modular Autonomous Drone-Configurable Aero Target
Dr. Mark Karpenko

Archimedes-Force Quiescent UUVs for Large-Scale Distributed Offensive Mine Operations
Dr. Emil Kartalov

COordinated Multi-domain Engagement Teams (COMET)
Dr. Sean Kragelund
Dr. Isaac Kaminer

Onboard Autonomy for Exception Handling in UxS Operations
Dr. Mollie McGuire
Aurelio Monarrez

Optimized Adaptability in Swarm Scenarios: A Machine Learning Approach to Developing Next-Gen Strategies and Tactics
Dr. Hyatt Moore
Dr. Oleg Yakimenko

Low-cost, computer-vision using COTS capabilities
Dr. James Newman
Dr. Mathias Kolsch

UAV-mounted COTS Electronic Attack of Starlink Ground Receiver for EW/Cyber Vulnerability Study
Dr. Ric Romero

Enabling 5G for UAV Networks: A Performance and Security Analysis
Dr. Preetha Thulasiraman

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Principal Investigators
MAD-CAT: Modular Autonomous Drone-Configurable Aero Target
Manipulating Control Surface Roughness on Uncrewed Underwater Vehicles to Achieve Scale-Independent Performance