2023 Funded Research

2023 Funded Research

2023 Current Funded Research

Data Strategy for Unmanned Systems Field Experimentation (FX), Simulation and Analysis
Prof. Don Brutzman
Dr. Curtis Blais

The Impact of Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS) Integration on Human-IAS Teams and Their Effectiveness  
Prof. Mustafa Canan

Tightly Coupled Formation Flight of Swarms to Support Extended Range and Deception
Dr. Duane Davis
Prof. Kevin Jones
CDR Katy Giles

The Role of Unmanned Systems in Meeting Climate Challenges
Kristen Fletcher
Marina Lesse

UxS Manned/Unmanned Secure Teaming Platform Evaluation in Contested Littoral Environments
Dr. Britta Hale
Aurelio Monarrez
Joseph Lukefahr

Multirobot Temporal Logic Optimal Control
Prof. Douglas Horner
Prof. Geoffrey Xie
Prof. Ruriko Yoshida

Persistent Smart Acoustic Profiler (PSAP)
Prof. John Joseph

Collaborative Hyper-Enabled Operations in Contested Environments (CHOICE)
Prof. Isaac Kaminer
Aurelio Monarrez
Joseph Lukefahr

MAD-CAT: Modular Autonomous Drone-Configurable Aero Target
Prof. Mark Karpenko

Mechanical Design and COMSOL Analysis of Archimedes-Force Quiescent UUVs for Large-Scale Distributed Offensive Mine Operations
Prof. Emil Kartalov

Hybrid Swarm Attacks in Contested Environments
Prof. Sean Kragelund
Prof. Violet Mwaffo (USNA)

Human-Autonomy Teaming: Control of Multi-Domain UxV's
Prof. Mollie McGuire
Aurelio Monarrez

sUAS-based Remote Sensing of Surface Waves and Breaking using an EO/IR Camera System
Prof. David Ortiz-Suslow

Orchestrated Autonomous Maritime Collection
Prof. James Scrofani
Prof. Ed Waltz
Dr. Jihane Mimih

Traffic Anomaly Detection and Analysis for 5G Enabled Autonomous Vehicle Systems
Prof. Preetha Thulasiraman

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