In partnership with NWSI, CRUSER sponsors concept generation innovation workshops in the form of the Warfare Innovation Continuum.

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Workshop Orientation Video

WIC Workshop Orientation video 2013

WIC_Workshop 2019

CRUSER Warfare Innovation Continuum (WIC) Workshop 2020

Quick Look Report | Final Report

Background:  Starting in 2009, the NPS warfare innovation workshops have addressed self-propelled semi-submersibles, maritime irregular challenges, undersea weapons concepts and unmanned systems concepts generation. Participants in these workshops are junior officers from NPS, the fleet, and other DoD commands; and early career engineers from Navy laboratories, academia and industry. 

Workshop: Given the design challenge "How might emerging technologies; concepts; joint, combined and coalition forces contribute to enhancing the resiliency of naval forces, logistics, and support facilities in an extended campaign against a peer adversary? How do we best prepare for war in the era of competition and robotics warfare?" small teams of junior officers from NPS and the fleet, and early career engineers from Navy labs, academia and industry will propose technologies and employment concepts in scenario based discussions.  Teams will brief their best concepts to sponsors, industry executives, and senior officers on the final morning of the workshop, and these results will be disseminated to fleet commands.

Selected concepts will begin CRUSER’s next Innovation Thread, and members of the CRUSER community of interest will be invited to further develop these concepts in response to the next FY Call for Proposals. Technical members of the CRUSER community of interest will present proposals at a technical continuum gathering such as TechCon  to test these selected concepts of interest in lab or field environments. A final report detailing process and outcomes will be released before the end of the that calendar year to a vetted distribution list of leadership and community of interest members. Results of experimentation will be presented to the Office of Naval Research (ONR) the following summer.


Past Workshops

Workshop 2019:  Quick Look Report | Final Report


Workshop 2018 banner

Workshop 2018: Cross-Domain Operations: The impact of Robotics and Autonomy on the future battlespace | Workshop report 


Workshop 2017 banner

Workshop 2017: Distributed Maritime Operations: Combined, Joint, and Coalition Warfare at Sea | Workshop report 


For the following workshops, final reports are available upon request to wiw@nps.edu


Workshop banner 2016

Workshop 2016: Developing Autonomy to Strengthen Naval Power


Workshop banner 2015

Workshop 2015: Creating Asymmetric Warfighting Advantages


Workshop banner 2014

Workshop 2014: Warfighting in the Contested Littorals


Workshop banner 2013

Workshop 2013: Distributing Naval Air and Surface Force Capabilities | Undersea Superiority 2050


Workshop banner 2012

Workshop 2012: Advancing the Design of Undersea Warfare


Workshop banner 2011

Workshop 2011: Revolutionary Concepts from Evolutionary UxS | Future Unmanned Naval Systems Wargame Competition