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CRUSER Purpose

CRUSER was chartered at the direction of the Secretary of the Navy to create a broad consortium - spanning the Navy, Marine Corps, Department of Defense, academia, and industry - focused on the advancement of unmanned systems education and research in order to "shape generations of naval officers through education, research, concept generation and experimentation in maritime application of robotics, automation, and unmanned systems." In doing so, CRUSER provides a DoD-wide community of interest to exchange research and experimentation results related to unmanned systems integration with military and naval operations.

WIC Workshop 2019 Teams


The annual Naval Postgraduate School Warfare Innovation Continuum (WIC) Workshop is an innovation engine leveraging our strength – our operational experienced students and defense oriented faculty – to address complex fleet issues and discover opportunities available through emerging technologies. Teams of early career engineers from industry, Navy labs, and academia with junior officers from NPS and other commands are facilitated through a three day rapid concept generation process to craft concepts of employment and risk assessments within a future conflict scenario.



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