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JIFX 23-3

Date: May 1, 2023 to May 5, 2023
Location: NPS Field Laboratory at Camp Roberts
Forum: In Person
Link to event information: https://nps.edu/web/fx/upcoming-jifx

Focus Area: Autonomous Logistics Enabled by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, including the following concentration areas:

  • Logistics in a contested environment
  • Autonomous resupply and cargo delivery
  • Undersea vehicle maintenance, monitoring, and prediction systems
  • Artificial Intelligence based UXO detection
  • Runway detection methods and systems
  • Fully autonomous unmanned cargo delivery and resupply missions of food, fuel and water

Submission Deadline: 08 March 2023

For more information about JIFX events and submissions requirements, visit our How to Participate page. 

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