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JIFX 23-4: Autonomy and Human Machine Teaming

Date: August 7, 2023 to August 11, 2023
Location: NPS Field Laboratory at Camp Roberts
Forum: In Person
Link to event information: https://nps.edu/web/fx/upcoming-jifx

JIFX events provide an opportunity for technology developers to interact with operational personnel to determine how their technology and ideas may support or enhance USG/DoD capabilities. The environment facilitates a collaborative learning environment between government, academia, industry, and NGOs to promote the identification and assessment of emerging and maturing technologies. These events enable rapid iteration on nascent technologies with the direct input of end users. Submissions that relate to any of the RFI areas of interest (including areas not listed below) will be considered for acceptance.


Concentration Areas

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Unmanned Ground Systms
  • Human-Machine Teaming for Controlling Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Human-Machine Teaming for Search and Rescue Operations
  • AI-Augmented Decision Support Systems
  • Manned / Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T)

Research Challenges

  • Examination of cognitive load in human-machine teaming
  • Multi-Domain UXS Swarming
  • Creating virtual environments for evaluation human-machine teaming

Deadline for all experiments: 31 May 2023

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