The Emerging Tech & Innovation Office (ETIO)

The Emerging Tech & Innovation Office (ETIO) promotes research innovation practices towards realizable products of value to the DoN/DoD.  In coordination with the Office of General Counsel, it supports the development of formal agreements with industry partners, academia, and other external organizations, and provides NPS researchers with pathways to transition their work.  It coordinates interdisciplinary activities across NPS with external partners and supports the development of large research programs.  ETIO provides a framework for NPS activities to align with the broader NavalX ecosystem of Tech Bridge efforts, as well as integrate into work conducted within the Naval Innovation Center at NPS.

Research Innovation – Develops and communicates a strategic vision for innovation aligned with the mission and objectives of Naval Postgraduate School. Facilitating an environment that encourages faculty, researchers, and military professionals to engage in innovative research projects through the Naval Innovation Exchange and seeks to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem within NPS to encourage the development of technologies relevant to national security. Research Innovation also looks to foster collaboration between NPS and defense agencies, commands, and industry partners to address shared challenges and advance defense capabilities.

Technology Transfer – Serves as a critical link between the institution's research endeavors and the practical application of innovative technologies for the benefit of the military and national defense. It plays a pivotal role in advancing the military's technological capabilities by translating research outcomes into practical solutions that contribute to national defense and security by negotiate licensing agreements with external entities, including industry partners, startups, and established companies, for the use or commercialization of intellectual property. Tech Transfer, in coordination with the Office of General Counsel, supports the development of Cooperative Research and Development Agreements, Memorandums of Agreement/Understanding, Partnership Intermediary Agreements, and Educational Partnership Agreements.

Outreach and Partnership Engagement – Forges partnerships with government agencies, military branches, and defense contractors to fund and support defense-related research initiatives. Through the NavalX Central Coast Tech Bridge and the NPS Partnerships manager, NPS seeks to cultivate strategic partnerships to enhance collaborative opportunities, leverage industry expertise, and engage with the broader defense and national security community to showcase NPS's contributions to innovation and military research.