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Secretary of the Navy Guest Lecture Series

The Naval Postgraduate School offers a series of professional lectures designed to help students and faculty link their study, teaching and research efforts to the defense needs of the nation.  The lectures are by high level authorities and are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the year, and whenever possible on Tuesdays at 1500 in King Hall.  Students are required to attend and faculty and staff are invited.

Nominating as SGL Speaker

Students, faculty, and staff may nominate a speaker by filling out the SGL Nomination Form linked from the NPS intranet.  To access this page off of campus, a VPN connection is required.  Further information on accessing internal resources, such as the intranet, can be found on the remote access page.

Once connected to the internal network, a link to the nomination form can be found on the intranet homepage in the lower right hand corner under "Useful Resources and Links".

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