What is the basic procedure for using iThenticate?

This page shows the basic procedure for faculty and staff who have iThenticate accounts.* It includes instructions for logging into iThenticate, uploading documents, and viewing/downloading reports.

If you are looking for detailed instructions or help not covered here, you may find additional resources on iThenticate’s training website, such as the following:

* Note that NPS students are not granted iThenticate accounts. For more information, visit the iThenticate FAQ. Students who would like iThenticate reports for their papers can sign up for an appointment with a Graduate Writing Center coach.

Step 1
  1. Log in at

NOTE: If you do not yet have an iThenticate account generated by the NPS software manager, email to request an account. Accounts are granted to NPS faculty and staff members.





Step 2
  1. Create your own folders, folder groups, and individual folders within groups, if desired.
    For detailed instructions, see iThenticate's Managing Folders video tutorial.


Step 3
  1. To upload a document, click on the "Upload a File" link on the right side of the page.
    For detailed document uploading instructions, including acceptable file types, see iThenticate's Submitting Documents page.



Alternatively, if you'd like to upload a document directly to a particular folder, navigate to that folder and choose the Submit a document link.


Step 4
  1. Then, choose a destination folder. Fill out the upload information, if desired, and choose a file from your computer.



To upload another file simultaneously, scroll down and click the Add another file link.



Step 5
  1. Then scroll down and choose Upload.