Indoor UAS


Flying indoor UAS requires no approval and relies on deliberate Operational Risk Management (ORM). Currently, NPS has two indoor UAS facilities:

  • At CAVR (the West end of Halligan Hall basement) – contact CAVR Director. This large facility utilizes a Vicon Motion Capture system for object tracking.
  • At ASEIL (the second floor of Bullard Hall in Bu-202L) – contact ASEIL Director. This small facility utilizes a OptiTrack Motion Capture system for object tracking and is developed around Quanser Qball UAS and Qbot UGV.
  • At ECE Robotics Lab (the fifth floor of Spanagel Hall in Sp-521) – contact ECE Robotics Lab Faculty Director or Lab Engineer. This small facility takes advantage of using the MathWorks’ Robotics System Toolbox and utilizes an OptiTrack Motion Capture system for small drone tracking.


Dr. Oleg Yakimenko
Distinguished Professor
NPS Director of UAS Research Activities
(831) 656-2826 |


NPS UAS Ops Executive Board


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