Qualified Outdoor UAS Flyers


The current qualified NPS UAS flyers who are in full compliance with COMNAVAIRFORINST 3710.9 are:

  • Mr. Manuel Badiola, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Dr. Duane Davis, Department of Computer Science
  • Dr. Katy Giles, Department of Systems Engineering
  • Dr. Kevin Jones, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 
  • Mr. Tadashi Morishita, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Mr. Steven Mullins, Department of Information Sciences 
  • Dr. Mara Orescanin, Department of Oceanography (also holds Commercial Instrument-rated Pilot and Commercial Glider Pilot licenses)
  • Dr. Oleg Yakimenko, Department of Systems Engineering (also holds Commercial Instrument-rated Pilot and Remote Pilot licenses)
  • Mr. Ryan Yamaguchi, Department of Meteorology 

The list of NPS Groups/Centers operating indoor and outdoor sUAS:

Group Name Phone Email Address
Dr. Ray Buettner (831)-656-3387
CRUSER Dr. Brian Bingham (831)-200-6360
ASEIL, ADSC Dr. Oleg Yakimenko (831)-656-2826
CAVR Dr. Vladimir Dobrokhodov (831)-656-7714


Please contact NPS_UAS_Ops with "NPS UAS Interest Group" in the subject line if you wanted your name to be added to the distribution list.



Dr. Oleg Yakimenko
Distinguished Professor
NPS Director of UAS Research Activities
(831) 656-2826 |


NPS UAS Ops Executive Board


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