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SE Faculty Research:

In addition to project supervision, Systems Engineering faculty involve themselves in research projects that span the range of the Department’s research focus.  Titles of typical research projects and the faculty involved are listed below.  More details can be found by following links to faculty web pages (where available).

Dr. Robert Harney

  • Unconventional Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • An Integrated Approach to Combat Systems
  • Military Applications of Lidar
  • System-Level Defeat of Improvised Explosive Device Threats

Dr. Richard Millar

  • Systems Engineering process implementation, allocation and management across organizational boundaries including command and incentive structures. Interactions between government planning, budgeting & acquisition processes and industry business & product strategy and business management processes.
  • Integrated systems solutions for Total Life Cycle Systems Management, including enhanced asset usage and maintenance outcomes assessment. Enabling performance based logistics (PBL) through systems/process integration across organizational boundaries.
  • Aerospace systems integration across flight control, propulsion, power and environmental control.
  • Integrated sensor systems solutions for ground and flight test instrumentation, aerospace equipment control applications and integrated vehicle health management.
  • Reliability database analysis and tools.

Dr. Paul Montgomery

  • Naval Air Enterprise systems architecture and integration
  • Cognitive/adaptive sensors
  • Remote system integration
  • Signal processing and ISR systems and sensors
  • UAV mission system integration

Dr. David Olwell

  • Reliability Analysis & Reliability Engineering
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Army Accessions

Dr. Gene Paulo

  • Systems Engineering Applied to Unmanned Systems
  • Combat Modeling

Dr. Paul Shebalin

  • System Requirements Modeling
  • Enterprise Systems Engineering
  • Complex Systems Theory
  • Embedded Computer System Design & Development

Dr. Ravi Vaidyanathan

  • Biologically-Inspired Unmanned Vehicle Control Systems
  • Hands-free Human-Machine Interfaces for Remote Vehicle Control

Dr. Cliff Whitcomb

  • Sea-Basing Systems Concepts
  • Ship System Design for Six Sigma

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