Technical Reports

Technical Reports


​​​ 2015

Giammarco, Kristin, Spencer Hunt, and Clifford Whitcomb. 2015. An Instructional Design Reference Mission for Search and Rescue Operations.  Report No. NPS-SE-15-002.

Whitcomb, Clifford A., Tarek Abdel-Hamid, Wayne Porter, Paul T. Beery, Christopher Wolfgeher, Gary W. Parker, G, and Michael Szczerbinski. 2015.  A Systems Approach to Modeling Drivers of Conflict and Convergence in the Asia-Pacific Region in the next 5-25 years.  Report No. NPS-SE-15-001.

Whitcomb, Clifford, Corina White, and Rabia Khan. 2015. Development of a Systems Engineering Competency Career Model: Verification of the Model using OPM Method.


Whitcomb, Clifford, Corina White, and Rabia Khan. 2014. Systems Engineering Competency FY14 Technical Report.



Alexander, Shavonne A, Walter R. Brinkley, Jordan M. Cohen, Thomas M. Roberts, Paul Beery, Joseph Bubulka, Matt C. Kenfield, and Johnny Quilenderino. 2011. Influence of foreign humanitarian assistance/disaster relief in a coastal nation. Report No. NPS-SE-11-003.