Distance Learning Programs

Distance Learning Programs


The Systems Engineering Department offers Certificate, MS, and PhD degree programs via distance learning.  The Systems Engineering Department has an established track record for delivering technical graduate education via distance learning.  The programs are open to civilian and active duty students in the Navy, Marine Corp, Army, Air Force, Missile Defense Agency, and government contractors.

Additional information for prospective students is available on the Office of Admissions webpage. Contact the academic or program officer for the programs for additional information.

Program Educational Objectives


The overall educational objective of the Systems Engineering program is to support the NPS mission by producing graduates who have, at an advanced level, knowledge and technical competence in systems engineering and an application domain; and who can use that knowledge and competence to support national security.  Specific program objectives (i.e., skills and abilities that graduates can bring to their position after having graduated from NPS and receiving 3-5 more years of on-the-job training and professional development) are:

  • Technical Leadership: Graduates will be known and respected for applying their engineering knowledge in leadership roles along diverse career paths in government service.

  • Program Management:  Graduates will be known and respected for their research, design, development, procurement, integration, maintenance, and life-cycle management of systems for defense and national security.

  • Operational Utilization:  Graduates will be known and respected for their application of systems engineering in diverse military settings and understand its capabilities and limitations.


Contact the NPS Program Officers for additional information about these programs: