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Systems Engineering Analysis Masters Program, SEA (308)

This interdisciplinary curriculum provides a foundation in systems thinking, technology, and operations analysis for warfighters. Graduates will be able to understand how to develop and fight new systems of combat systems, and have a more thorough understanding of current combat systems. Students normally complete group projects in lieu of theses. These "capstone" projects are chosen to allow students to gain a thorough understanding of a critical warfare area and to provide the Navy and other services insights about future systems options to meet emerging needs. The program is designed as a highly integrated graduate education. Lectures, team projects, and individual research are provided, as well as seminars from visiting experts. The length of this program is eight quarters.

The MSSEA degree is not ABET EAC accredited.


Admission Requirements

Baccalaureate Degree, Overall GPA of at least 2.20, and course grades of C+ or better in at least one calculus course and one calculus physics course.  Additional courses in mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering are highly desirable.

Entry Dates:  July and January

Program Officer:  CDR CDR Caleb MacDonald

Academic Officer: Mark Stevens


Degree Requirements

36 hours of graduate level course, with at least 16 at the 4000 level. Completion of Systems Engineering and Analysis course sequence, and completion of a 12 hour equivalent team capstone project or a thesis (by exception). {Note: ESR and p-code requirements for Navy students generate additional requirements covered by the other courses in the matrix.}

SE Electives Include:
SE 4003 Software Systems Engineering
SE 4353 Engineering Risk Management & Analysis
ME 4751 Combat Survivability, Reliability, and Systems Safety Engineering
OA 3411 Introduction to Human Systems Integration
OA 3401 Human Factors in System Design