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Systems Engineering Analysis Masters Program, SEA (308)


​​​​​​​The Masters in Systems Engineering Analysis (SEA) program is jointly offered by the Systems Engineering Department and the Operations Research Department.  The SEA program is intended to equip officers in the surface, aviation, and submarine warfighter communities to become naval leaders able to address the complex tactical, operational, and even strategic problems facing the Navy.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The MSSEA program is not ABET EAC accredited.


Admission Requirements

Baccalaureate Degree, Overall GPA of at least 2.20, and course grades of C+ or better in at least one calculus course and one calculus physics course.  Additional courses in mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering are highly desirable.

Entry Dates:  July and January

Program Officer: LCDR Christopher Shutt

Academic Officer: Mark Stevens


Degree Requirements

36 hours of graduate level course, with at least 12 at the 4000 level. Completion of Systems Engineering and Analysis course sequences and completion of a 12 hour equivalent team capstone project or a thesis (by exception). {Note: ESR and p-code requirements for Navy students generate additional requirements covered by the other courses in the matrix.}