232 Lead Systems Integrator (LSI) Certificate Program

This four-course certificate is designed to provide graduate level courses for senior government engineers, preparing them to assume positions as Lead System Integrators through the exploration of design and trade-off analyses of SoS architectures, the execution of SoS acquisitions, and the engineering implications to the role of the LSI in contract management.

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242 Reliability & Maintainability Engineering (R&ME)

This five-course certificate is designed to provide graduate level courses for DoD logisticians, engineers and program managers who are responsible for establishing and achieving R&ME requirements as part of the systems engineering process in support of systems development in the Defense acquisition system.

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282 Systems Engineering (SE)

This three-course certificate is designed to provide graduate level foundation courses in systems engineering to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of how DoD designs, develops and produces large complex systems. Students learn a disciplined approach to finding the right solution to the right problem: on-time, on-budget, supportable, and with minimal risk. This certificate can be given a domain focus by adding a fourth course. Students also earn DAU equivalencies in ENG career field.

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