Applied Cyber Operations Certificate

Applied Cyber Operations Certificate


The Applied Cyber Operations certificate is a graduate-level, non-degree program designed to enable DoD and U.S. Government personnel to effectively employ cyber capabilities in an operational context and to prepare students to maintain a high state of readiness for cyber operations in the face of hostile action. Students will be able to utilize their understanding of cyber capabilities and their employment to achieve or support both cyber and overall mission objectives while accounting for adversary activity and environmental constraints. The program consists of three courses to be taken over a minimum of a three-quarter period.

How It Works:

The Applied Cyber Operations certificate (Curriculum: 225 DL / 226 Res) is a graduate-level, non-degree program in hands-on cyber operations.

As distance learning, the program is typically taken over a three-quarter period: one course per quarter.

The Applied Cyber Operations certificate can be combined with the Cyber Operations Infrastructure certificate to create a resident program that is a minimum of two quarters in duration. This Applied Cyber Operations certificate program may be applicable toward a Master's degree in Cyber Systems and Operations, Curriculum 326.

Download the Cyber Studies: Graduate Certificates for Non-Resident Students overview for details about each of our certificate offerings. For additional questions pertaining to the Applied Cyber Operations graduate certificate, please email:

Application Procedures:

This program is for U.S. Government civilians and military personnel.

Employees of certain Federal contractors may be eligible for the program.  Please contact the certificate program for details.

Currently the Applied Cyber Operations certificate is offered on a cohort basis and all applicants must be members of funded cohorts. We work with cohort sponsors who determine the members of each cohort. After your sponsor has selected you for the program, you must complete the admissions process.

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The Applied Cyber Operations graduate certificate is obtained by successful completion of the following sequence:

  1. Both of the following courses:
    • CY4700 - Applied Defensive Cyberspace Operations
    • CY4710 - Adversarial Cyberspace Operations
  2. One of the following electives
    • CY3502 - Practical Network Operations
    • CY3602 - Network Operations II
    • CS3690 - Network Security
    • DA3104 - Computer Network Attack and Defense

We advise working with the Program Manager for the certificate when selecting course options. Certain courses may be more appropriate for a certain set of students. In addition, course availability is a function of several factors, which vary from quarter to quarter.

The total number of NPS graduate credits obtained for the certificate is 12 or 13.5, where laboratory credits are counted as half.


Program costs are based upon a cohort mode.  

  • The cost for a 20 student cohort tuition is $64,000.
  • The cost for a 25 student cohort tuition is $80,000
  • A three-course cohort of 25 students is $240,000.

Tuition for DL classes is $3,200 per student per class.

If books are required they will result in additional costs.

*NPS tuition rates are subject to change.


The following are expectations for students entering this program:

  • A baccalaureate degree is required.
  • Recent completion, viz. within the past 5 years, of courses in computer and network security, computer and communications networks. Students lacking these prerequisites may be acceptable to the program through their undergraduate records and other indicators of success.
  • An Academic Profile Code (APC) of 334 is required.
  • Command or company endorsement