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CyberCIEGE was created by the Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research (CISR) at NPS, and Rivermind, Inc., of San Mateo, CA.

We Are Looking for New Sponsors or Partners
NPS is seeking sponsors interested in tailoring the tool to meet their specific requirements. This might include the development of new scenarios, user assessment tools, extensions to the simulation, or new artwork. If you are interested in sponsoring this project, please contact Cynthia Irvine at CISR (

US Government and Educational Institutions
CyberCIEGE is available for unlimited use by the US Government and a no cost education license is available for educational institutions.  To obtain a copy, send a request to: If you are a student, ask your teacher to request CyberCIEGE.

Non US Government and Non Educational Availability
Non US Government and those outside of educational institutions interested in CyberCIEGE should contact
Scott Gallardo at Rivermind Inc. (

Technical Support
Please visit our support page for system requirements and troubleshooting.  Visit our FAQ.  If you still have questions, contact us at:

Website Feedback
For comments about this website, please contact

Report Bugs
If you wish to report bugs in the CyberCIEGE training tool, please contact