Center for Cyber Security and Cyber Operations


The mission of the  Naval Postgraduate School Center for Cybersecurity and Cyber Operations (C3O) is to address the cybersecurity and cyber operations for the warfighter. 

This is accomplished by bringing together essential educational and research components at a DoD university. We build a solid foundation for future military leaders who will be charged with developing and operating technologically advanced cyber systems. These leaders will be successful at leveraging new developments in cybersecurity and cyber operations  technology to improve the cyber needs of the services.


NPS has been home to a vibrant program in computer and network security since 1990. Before a recent name change, C3O was called CISR, the first effort of its kind to develop a program of tightly coupled research and instruction on cybersecurity topics at the graduate level. Recognizing cyberspace as a warfare domain, the center expands its focus to include cyber operations.

For over twenty-five years, C3O has sought to combine classes, research, visiting professors, workshops, academic outreach, short courses, and invited lectures to set a standard of excellence in cybersecurity and cyber operations research. 

Through the efforts of the C3O, the Naval Postgraduate School was designated a National Center of Excellence in IA on April 14, 2000 by the National Security Agency (NSA). The Naval Inspector General noted in his Command Assessment of the NPS that C3O "has developed an outstanding and comprehensive IA curriculum."

Today, NPS is a Center of Academic Excellence in three categories:

The immediate return on investment for the DoN, DoD, and U.S. Government is the cutting-edge knowledge and experience our graduates apply to current operational assignments.


C3O classes and research examine the problem of malicious intent in the development and operation of software and systems. Using foundational concepts and technologies as a springboard for examining new developments in hardware, firmware, and software, students and faculty construct and analyze systems to provide trustworthiness and robustness for mission critical systems in the face sentient adversaries. 

We believe that the challenges facing cybersecurity cyber operations require a holistic approach. Security and trustworthiness should be built into new systems. Existing systems should be protected. Management must understand the risks associated with cyberspace and how mission goals can be achieve through the use of and support from cyber operations.  To support those objectives, C3O involves synergistically related classes, laboratory work and research of faculty, students and staff, making C3O a valuable DoD resource for leading edge IA research and education.