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The two most common problems encountered by CyberCIEGE users are Win10 DLL issues and Microsoft HTML Help problems.  These and other problems are addressed below under troubleshooting.  Another problem with some Windows systems is the "DPI Settings".  

If your question is not answered below, it may be answered within our FAQ.

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  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Windows 2000, XP  -- either natively or as a VM, e.g., on VMWare Fusion
  • If you do not have access to a Windows OS, CyberCIEGE runs as a Labtainer.
  • CyberCIEGE will also run on, Linux with Wine (though it is eaier to run it as a Labtainer).
  • Video interface with at least 64MB of Video RAM
  • Running from a network share is described here:


  1. If you click the PLAY button on the player and nothing happens on Windows 10 or Windows 11,  download and install the x86 and x64 versions of these two DLLs:


    MSVCR110.DLL: -- or if those do not work on you system, try to install these MS download IDs:   26347, 18471, 26368, 26999, 30679, 40784, 48145.

  2. If you are running from Labtainers, i.e., under WINE, some links in the Encyclopedia will not work, including links to lab manuals and movies.  View movies here and lab manuals here.  
  3. Install the latest video display driver for your system.  This is the number one cause of problems with the game.  Run dxdiag (Start / Run / dxdiag) or type "dxdiag" in the Start / Search field on Vista to find what kind of display device you have.  If you have an Intel chipset as your display device, try downloading the latest driver from your computer's manufacturer (e.g., Dell).   If the display information does not report a chip type, you might have a Dell and an ATI card.  Get the ATI driver and install the driver from the ATI bin directory (e.g., setup.exe -install.)
  4. If you only see game characters and a brown background with no walls, computers, etc., look at this fix.
  5. If you have Windows 8 (or want to use the SDK), do not install the game in the Program Files folder (the default).  During installation, select some folder within "My Documents", or some other location that you can write to.
  6. Some Intel HD Graphics dislay devices seem to not work with this (and many other) 3D games. Some of the latter HP Pavilion desktops have these chips.  Run dxdiag from the windows start prompt to see what kind of video device you have.
  7. Make sure your "DPI Setting" is 100%. per these instructions:
  8. Under WINE and VirtualBox, game character limbs may be disjoint and very strange looking.  
  9. If your display resolution is 1024 x 768, set the Task bar to "Auto hide" or you can't read the ticker.
  10. Are you running Windows 7 and getting  a message like: "World Texture Create Fails".  First, update your driver.  If that fails, try this DirectX installation from Microsoft.
  11. If running from a network share, users need write access to store their logs as described here.  On the other hand, if you do not want to store user logs on the network share, modify two files as described here.
  12. If you run "NetSupport" for Classrooms or similar remote access software, that may disable DirectX functions.  See:
  13. If you have dual monitors, some systems may have very sluggish cursor movement, others may have black windows.  Try turning off the dual monitor feature.
  14. In the display / properties / settings /advanced, is "fonts" set to normal or small? (Large does not work).
  15. Does your computer have a sound driver installed and is sound enabled in the BIOS?
  16. The Help / Encyclopedia will not open when F1 is pressed.  Update the registry as described here.
  17. Finally, if there is a recent "crash.txt" file in the CyberCIEGE/game/[campaign name]/[login name]/logs directory, send it to


If you only see the characters and not the walls, floor, computers, etc.:

This problem is caused by some Intel  video drivers.  Intel has fixed the problem in a newer driver that you can find here:

32-bit OS driver:
64-bit OS driver:

Note that with some Leveno systems, you may need to update your BIOS before it will let you update the video driver.

Accessing Help / Encyclopedia via Microsoft Domain

Sometimes Microsoft HTML Help is broken.  The game relies on this help.  This section describes things you might try to get Microsoft's software to work.

If the game is installed on a local disk, from Start, Run dialog:

helpctr -regserver
regsvr32 itss
regsvr32 hhctrl.ocx
regsvr32 jscript

Or, if your system was corrupted via a "registry cleaner", try this Fix Windows XP Help:

Or, re-install Microsoft HTML Help:

If CyberCIEGE is installed on a network domain (vs a local disk), you may not be able to access the encyclopedia (via F1).  Fix this as follows:

Cut/paste the following (in between the “=====” )into a notepad file and name the file FixCHM.reg


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






Replace "comfort" in the above file with the name of the network share that you use.

Double-click to run the file.  This setting “MaxAllowedZone=1” allows access from the “Local Machine zone” and the “Local intranet zone” (i.e. just LAN systems and not Internet systems).  Make sure you've added the network share to the "Intranet" sites in IE under the Internet security options.


Running from a network share

ACL permissions for network shares in which student logs will be stored on the network share (i.e., to simplifiy log management).

The following settings are intended for environments where CyberCIEGE is installed on a server, and individual workstations map the CyberCIEGE directory as a network share.


Full Control
Read Only


Same permissions as above (inherited), plus add the following:
Granted “Create Folders/Append Data” for “This Folder, Sub folder and Files”
Granted “Modify” for “Sub folder and Files” only.

This allows students to create their own data files under the C:\CyberCIEGE\games folder and freely modify them. They can read other user’s data files – but cannot modify them (as they are not the creator/owner).


Run from read-only network share.  The game assumes that if you are running from a network share, that you want to save user logs there.  If your network share is read-only, then you must modify two files as follows:

In bat\runPlayer.bat, delete the following lines:

:: see if running of net
FOR /F "tokens=2" %%A IN ('net use') DO (
   if "%%A"=="%~d0" GOTO UseGameDir

In  ccse\SAT\bin\CyberCIEGE.bat, delete the following lines:

:: see if running of net
FOR /F "tokens=2" %%A IN ('net use') DO (
   if "%%A"=="%~d0" GOTO UseGameDir


  1. If you can't read the ticker scroll on the bottom of the screen, set your taskbar to "Autohide" (Start / Settings / Task Bar..)
  2. Use of large fonts crashes the game.
  3. Changing a VMWare guest display size (e.g., going full-screen) while the game is up will crash it.
  4. Some graphics chips (Via) have trouble rendering CyberCIEGE graphics (e.g., when zooming close in). Nvidia and ATI chips seem to work the best.
  5. Some Mac platforms using Fusion cause missing body parts on characters, try using Parallels 6 instead.
  6. Sound cards must be enabled in the BIOS.
  7. Use of dual monitors with some graphics cards (ATI) causes severe cursor lag -- disable the second monitor to eliminate the lag.
  8. Use of dual monitors sometimes causes other windows to pop up on top of the game window after closing popup dialogs.
  9. Use of the ":" character in the SDT data fields can cause SDT and game engine failures.