CyberCIEGE Scenarios
Game Scenarios

The following games are included in the CyberCIEGE distribution.  If you have created a scenario that you would like to share, email the project directory to
Scenario Name Description
Stop Worms Highlights risks of malicious software within email attachments.  A good initial scenario for introducing some of the CyberCIEGE interfaces
Life with Macros Describes risks of macro viruses and the use of antivirus tools to reduce these risks in environments that must handle many external documents.
Identity Theft Help protect a home computer user from the perils of identity theft.
Passwords Define password policies for an online dating service.
Introduction Simple tutorial scenario that walks the player through the mechanics of the game and introduces the player to a number of the CyberCIEGE security concepts.
Physical Security Introduces CyberCIEGE zones and methods of physically protecting assets.
Filters Explores issues arising from connecting networks to the Internet and the use of filters to protect assets.
Patches Highlights the need to have a patch management plan.
PCA Help the Professional Croquette Assocation protect their secrets using a DMZ.
Link Encrypt Introduces link encryptors, basic key management issues and assurance.
Key Types Some differences between symmetric and public key encryption.  Introduces password hash cracking
Virtual Private Networks Introduced VPNs and their use to authenticate the source of connections and the need for high assurance to counter highly motivated attackers.
Advanced VPNs Extends the introductory VPN scenario to introduce PKI concepts including Certification Authorities, installed roots, cross certification and certificate policies.
Hard Rain Use of PKI to protect email.
ParaZog Protect email using smart cards in the context of a paramilitary unit stood up to protect an international carbon credit cartel.
Angle Locks Use SSL & TLS to help a small business grow and ward off attackers.
User Identification Explores strategies for identifying users to computers.
Who Are You? Identity Management and the use of biometric devices to control entry to a base.
Down Time Help an industrial spy avoid pitfalls in an Internet cafe.
Identity Database Protection Protect a database used to mint smart cards.
Mandatory Access Controls Use a multilevel server to achieve controlled sharing of sensitive data.
MAC Integrity Like the MAC scenario, but this time with an integrity policy.
Genes R Us Help a biotech company secure their trade secrets while developing revolutionary products.
Extra Scenarios -- these have not been maintained and may not fully work.
Ares Two scenarios that explore issues associated with maintaining the integrity of information in the face of  well funded professional attacks.  Ares1 is a introduction and Ares2 is a more sophisticated and difficult scenario.
Venture Games A series of scenarios (VG_scenario1 through VG_scenario5) built around a small business having proprietary information and requirements to connect to the Internet.  VG_scenario1 is the easiest and VG_scenario5 is the most complex of the series.
Area 91 Planet Desmid's premiere secret projects research facility.  Protect special compartmented information while keeping internal intrigues from derailing the missions.
IA Training & Awareness Basic IA training in a Navy environment
Technical User Training Network security decision making in a Navy environment.