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Full Version for US Government and Educational Institutions
CyberCIEGE is available for unlimited use by the US Government and a no cost education license is available for educational institutions.  To obtain a copy, send a request to: If you are a student, ask your teacher to request CyberCIEGE.

CyberCIEGE requires either a Windows OS, or the Labtainers cyber exercise framework.

Free Evaluation Copy
A free evaluation copy  is available here: evaluation copy  This version does not permit saving games and is limited to 20 minute game intervals.
If you are not a US Government employee and not part of an educational institution and are interested in CyberCIEGE, contact Scott Gallardo at Rivermind Inc.


Update from 1.9v8a to 1.9v8s.

Demonstration Movies
View samples of CyberCIEGE game play.

Cyber Security Tutorial Movies
CyberCIEGE tutorial movies are popular with educators and students.

Lab Manuals
Links to lab manuals can be found in the syllabus.

Instructor Notes
Instructor notes come with the email that provides the game to instructors.  Write to to get a copy.

Who Uses CyberCIEGE?
The game is being used in universities, community colleges, high schools and a variety of government and DoD training environments.  Click here to view a map of users.

Scenario Development Kit
Build your own scenarios and customize existing scenarios using the CyberCIEGE SDK.  Includes:
    * CyberCIEGE Scenario Development Tool
    * Source for all CyberCIEGE scenarios
    * User manual including tutorials


System requirements, troubleshooting and a list of new features and fixed discrepancies can be found on the support page.