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OWASP Web Security Labs from Liberty University


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Lab Description difficulty
web-brokenaccess Explore broken access control, which happens when the application allows a user to perform unauthorized actions. 3
web-brokenauth This lab covers how to reset password using a GET request, how to bypass multifactor authentication, and how decode session tokens. 3

Explore SQL/NoSQL injections along with Web based injections using PUT/POST/PATCH.

web-insdes Explore insecure deserialization, which happens when the developer doesn’t check serialized data that a user sends to the application. 3
web-inslog Use logging and monitoring to detect system infiltration by looking for traffic which usually doesn’t correspond to the normal traffic. 3
web-sde Explores the disclosure of data which is not meant to be publicly accessible,  known as sensitive data exposure (SDE). 3
web-secmis Web server security misconfigurations which result in vulnerabilities. 3
web-vulcom Explore using components with known vulnerabilities. You might have totally secured your own code, but what about the dependencies you are using? 3
web-xss Cross-site scripting (XSS), which is a type of vulnerability commonly found in web applications. 3
web-xxe An XML External Entity attack is a type of attack against an application that parses XML input. 3