FAQ-Officer-Curric 256

Cyber Security Fundamentals Certificate - FAQs

This FAQ is intended to answer questions for Naval Officers interested in enrolling in the Cyber Security Fundamentals certificate progam being offered via distance learning.

What is the APC Requirement?

An APC of 325 is required for direct entry.


Do I have to have an undergraduate degree?

A baccalaureate degree, or the equivalent, with above average grades in mathematics, (including discrete math, and differential and integral calculus) is required.  Undergraduate degrees in applied science or engineering are highly desirable.


Can Navy civilians enroll in this course?

No; if you are a Navy or DOD civilian interested in taking the CSF you must be part of a sponsored cohort. https://nps.edu/web/cisr/cybersecurity-fundamentals


Where can I take the course?

The CSF certificate is asynchronous.  You can take the class anywhere you have access to a computer with a web browser and internet access.


What equipment do I need?

A computer with a web browser and internet access.


For additional informaton, contact cyberapps@nps.edu