Information Systems Security Engineering (ISSE)


The Information Systems Security Engineering (ISSE) certificate is a graduate-level, non-degree program intended to prepare individuals to apply security analysis during the lifecycle of systems.

The role of Information Systems Security Engineering is to help ensure that the security requirements of systems are met. Lacking proper security engineering, systems fail to be certified and accredited, causing costly delays or failures. Ideally the Information Systems Security Engineer (also known as an ISSE) will be a member of the system development team throughout its lifecycle; however, for preexisting systems, the ISSE may be required to assess existing system vulnerabilities and determine mitigating strategies.

As systems have grown more complex and adversaries in cyberspace continue to successfully exploit numerous vulnerabilities, the need for improved secure system engineering has become acute. The ISSE course sequence will provide the knowledge and analytical skills required to contribute productively in system developments.

The program consists of four courses to be taken over a minimum of a three-quarter period.

How It Works:

The Information Systems Security Engineering (ISSE) certificate (Curriculum: 270) is a graduate-level, non-degree program in secure system development.

As distance learning, the program is typically taken over a one-year period: one course per quarter.

The Information Systems Security Engineering (ISSE) certificate may be applicable toward a Master's degree in Computer Science, Curriculum 368.

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Application Procedures:

This program is for U.S. Government civilians and military personnel.

Employees of certain Federal contractors may be eligible for the program.  Please contact the certificate program for details.

Currently the ISSE certificate is offered on a cohort basis and all applicants must be members of funded cohorts. We work with cohort sponsors who determine the members of each cohort. After your sponsor has selected you for the program, you must complete the admissions process.

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The Information Systems Security Engineering graduate certificate is obtained by successful completion of the following sequence:

  1. CS3690 - Network Security
  2. CS4600 - Secure System Principles
  3. CS4650 - Fundamentals of Information Systems Security Engineering
  4. CS4652 - Applied Information Systems Security Engineering

We advise working with the Program Manager to arrange for this certificate.

The total number of NPS graduate credits obtained for the certificate is 16.5, where laboratory credits are counted as half.


Program costs are based upon a cohort mode.  

  • The cost for a 20 student cohort tuition is $67,000.
  • The cost for a 25 student cohort tuition is $83,750
  • A four-course cohort of 25 students is $335,000.

Tuition for DL classes is $3,350 per student per class.

Books are not included.

*NPS tuition rates are reviewed on an annual basis based on COLA.


The following are expectations for students entering this program:

  • A baccalaureate degree is required.
  • Basic understanding of computer architecture, computer networking, operating systems and fundamentals of computer and network security.
  • Command or company endorsement