Labtainer VM Images

Labtainers Pre-built Virtual Machine Images

The easiest way to provide students with Labtainers is for student to install our VM appliance with either VirtualBox or VMWare.  This single VM image contains everything students need to run all Labtainer exercises -- including those that create multiple computers.  The appliances can also be installed on web-accessible services such as VMWare Horizon.

The user ID for authenticating to these VMs is "student".  The password is "password123".  The computers within each lab may have usernames and passwords, and those are generally identified within the lab manuals.


Open (click) one of the two links below (depending on whether you have installed Virtual Box or VMWare), and save the file onto your computer.   Note, if you use "save as" to save the file to your computer, the file must retain its ".ova" extension.   If your browser (e.g., Chrome) changes the extension to ".ovf", change it back to ".ova".  Then follow the respective "Directions" to import the .ova file as a virtual machine.

VirtualBox VM Appliance  (sha256:1b45ef52b90512c56bb81e8e0000e86043b992091ec9264ab7f0ff140460a0c6)

Directions: Start VirtualBox, and then: File / Import Appliance / LabtainerVM-VirutalBox.ova

VMWare VM Appliance  


Directions: Start VMWare, and then: File / Open / LabtainerVM-VMWare.ova

                          on VMWare Fusion: File / Import / LabtainerVM-VMWare.ova

                    When/if VMWare complains about the format not matching ova standards select "retry" and it should continue.

After downloading, installing and booting the VM, wait for the VM to settle out.  The window may resize a few times, and a terminal will display progress of downloading updates.  After that terminal disappears, then refer to instructions on the screen of the remaining terminal for information on how to run labs.  And please refer to the Labtainer Student Guide.

Again: The user ID for authenticating to these VMs is "student".  The password is "password123". 


Acknowledgement: This work was supported by NSF grant DUE-1438893. The views expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of the National Science Foundation, the Naval Postgraduate School, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.