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Hunter Low MOA Corridor (COA)

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The “Hunter Low MOA Corridor” is a 15nmi-long low-altitude Class G National Airspace corridor to conduct UAS operations in the airspace along the route in between Fort Hunter-Liggett (R-2513) and Camp Roberts (R-2504). It extends from the east border of R-2513 to the west border of R-2504 (additional authorizations are required to operate in any of these restricted airspaces. NPS holds a FAA COA#: 2020-WSA-7395-USN-DoD waiver.

  1. All inquiries should be made through NPS UAS Ops with "Hunter Corridor" in the subject line.
  2. To operate within the Hunter Low MOA Corridor the DD Form 2977 Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet is required (see example).
  3. Email the request for approval of Flight Schedule form to NPS UAS Ops with "Hunter MOA Approval Request" in the subject line, at least three business days before the scheduled event (see example).
  4. Entering either R-2504 or R-2513 requires preliminary coordination / scheduling with the controlling agencies.
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