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Associate Provost Positions Identify Key Priorities and Opportunities for Faculty Leadership

Associate Provost Positions Identify Key Priorities and Opportunities for Faculty Leadership

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) will welcome three new Associate Provosts to the leadership team, representing faculty affairs; teaching and learning; and diversity, equity and inclusion. All three positions are part-time leadership opportunities for faculty looking for new ways to impact the university community.

Over the last few weeks, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Provost Dr. Scott Gartner released announcements for three leadership opportunities for faculty looking to explore new ways to impact the university in critically-important ways.  

The positions – Associate Provost for Teaching and Learning (AP-TL), Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs (AP-FA) and the newly-created Associate Provost for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (AP-DEI) – signify critical directions and priorities for the campus and will assist Gartner in one of his highest priorities … bridging relationships throughout the university to foster a true sense of community across campus.

“One of my primary goals is always going to be building community across our campus. NPS is OUR university,” Gartner said.

Looking closely at the three leadership opportunities, the AP-TL will focus on creating opportunities for faculty and students to be lifetime teachers and learners, and will continue to advance the “extraordinary work” already done on campus in teaching and learning effectiveness, Gartner said. The AP-FA is a “high-profile position,” he added, that will focus on a range of complex, sensitive issues in developing policies, programs and procedures relating to NPS faculty.

And finally, the one completely new position, the AP-DEI, will act as the primary advisor, promoter, coordinator and manager of academic programs related to diversity, inclusion, mentorship, equity and development that affect faculty, staff, and students at NPS. 

The creation of dedicated leadership position for these functions, Gartner noted, signifies the continued importance NPS is putting on diversity, equity and inclusion by having someone responsible for acting as a catalyst and coordinator for the institution.

“NPS is all about diversity,” Gartner said. “NPS brings military and civilian together, we bring applied and basic research together, and that kind of integration and synthesis is what NPS is all about. We want to expand that diversity to include those underrepresented. The overarching goal is to make everybody feel welcome and to have everybody feel valued and included at NPS.”

Ultimately, Gartner says there is a commonality between all three positions focused on the professional development of the NPS faculty community, creating opportunities for leadership and to impact the university in new, different ways.

“I want to create a pipeline of leadership, where people are expressing interest, experiencing and learning, improving and developing,” said Gartner. “It's critical that we have an internal pipeline of leaders. We need your leadership in order transform and thrive.

Gartner believes anyone who has any interest in any of the positions should simply step forward and apply. 

"My advice to anyone thinking about applying, is to apply,” noted Gartner. “By applying, it will help you to think about yourself as a leader and where you want to go. I encourage all who are interested in applying to apply, that’s the bottom line."


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