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NPS Internship Program Offers Students Invaluable Industry Experience

NPS students U.S. Air Force Capt. Stephen Flansburg, left, and Navy Lt. Michael A. Johnson, right, are two of the latest participants in the university’s new Industry Internship Program, providing students with a unique understanding of how industry innovates.

A new program launched by the Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) Dean of Students office is providing university students with an invaluable experience with leading industry and technology companies. Coined the NPS Industry Internship Program, the effort has sent two small cohorts of students on internships to date, and is growing quickly.

“The Department of Defense is very interested in better understanding how the private sector operates and how the DOD can leverage the innovation that is occurring across industry,” said NPS Deputy Dean of Students, Cmdr. Paul Rasmussen. “These internships allow students to better understand how industry interacts with the DOD and brings requirements to capabilities by complementing a specific area of the student’s studies, research or development.”

The latest cohort, just before the current quarter began, sent students to Cubic Corporation in San Diego, Creare LLC in Hanover, New Hampshire, and to Boeing in Saint Louis, Missouri.

“This is a unique opportunity to see firsthand how business is conducted on the other side of the table,” said U.S. Air Force Capt. Stephen Flansburg prior to his internship with Creare LLC, an engineering research and development firm created in 1961. “This experience will allow me to better understand industry's business operations, business decisions, and considerations in doing business with the government.”

“The internship program will be a rewarding personal and professional experience,” added Navy Lt. Michael Johnson before his internship at Boeing. “This will enhance my educational experience by seeing a different side of engineering that I don't as a user of the technology.”

Students interested in applying for an internship should have an approved thesis topic be in strong academic standing, and can contact the for an application. Although the duration of the internships is brief, typically one to five days, participating students have found it to be a unique benefit to their education.

“This is a one of a kind opportunity for acquisition and contracting officers to be embedded with an industry partner and exposed to how businesses run operations and make strategic decisions,” Flansburg said.

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