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NPS Says Farewell to Winter Quarter Graduates

Retired Adm. Henry Mauz delivers the keynote address at the Naval Postgraduate School winter quarter graduation ceremony. During the ceremony, 366 U.S. and international military officers and Department of Defense civilians were awarded master and doctoral degrees. The school provides relevant and unique advanced education and research programs that increase the combat effectiveness of the United States and allied forces.

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) honored 366 students earning 367 advanced graduate degrees during NPS’ Winter Graduation Ceremony at King Auditorium, March 29.

NPS awards hundreds of defense-focused graduate degrees each year to a unique student body composed primarily of career military officers, select federal employees and officers from allied nations.

Presiding over the ceremony was NPS alumna and Interim President, Rear Adm. Jan E. Tighe. Tighe welcomed graduates and their families and acknowledged the recent work of faculty and staff.

"This institution serves the national security community through advanced graduate education and real world research - you make that mission a success,” said Tighe.  “These last four months with you have only reinforced my belief that NPS will remain a vital element in the success of our Navy, our sister services, and our national and international security partners.”

Tighe also recognized the assembled graduates and their families.

“You should be justly proud of what you have accomplished here. We are proud of you,” said Tighe.  “Your experiences and education have prepared you to become leaders who are at the forefront of resolving the security challenges of your service, nation and the global community.”

Tighe’s remarks were followed by those of former U.S. Atlantic Fleet Commander, retired Admiral Henry H. Mauz Jr. Mauz also recognized the contribution made by NPS’s world-class faculty.

“This faculty has taken years to build, the depth and breath of our faculty is absolutely outstanding and nationally recognized,” said Mauz.

Mauz spoke of the commitment shared by faculty members who often work long hours with little pay and without the benefit of teaching assistants.

“Why do they do it?” asked Mauz. “They do it because they are dedicated and patriotic and because of these students, it’s a joy to work with our students.”

Mauz also thanked the graduating class for their commitment to a “heroic profession.” He encouraged graduates to continue to seek self-improvement, to take care of their subordinates, and to be bold as they executed their duties.

“Go forth and slay dragons!” said Mauz.

Mauz currently serves on the board of several companies and is the Chairmen of the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation.

NPS is the nation’s premiere national security focused university. It has been offering defense focused graduate degrees since 1909 and has been operating continuously in Monterey, Calif. since 1942.

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