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Edward B Rockower

Research Professor
Computer Science



Dr. Rockower’s economic, scaling, and commercialization analyses, and simulation of major engineering programs have been intimately involved with the interplay of technology, computation, military operations, and business. He was an invited Speaker NATO, Brussels and member of its Electronic Warfare Working Group. He was also an Invited Speaker at The Laser Institute, Tokyo and an Invited Scholar at Harvard University. His work is taught at the US Naval Academy, included in the book “Naval Operations Analysis” 3rd edition, and cited in numerous Laser books.

During the Web 1.0 boom, he was Chief Intranet Architect at PayPal, Head of Distance Learning for University of Maryland Asian Division, and “Lead of Technical Operations” for, one of Hewlett-Packard’s top e-commerce websites.

Dr. Rockower has applied Operations Research, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics to the Laser Isotope Separation Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, on the Faculty of the Operations Research Dept. at the Naval Postgraduate School, as Sr. Operations Research Analyst on the F-16 Program at General Dynamics, and as Systems Engineer, Sr. Staff in the Advanced Technology Center, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company.
  • PhD - Brandeis University 1975
    Major: Physics
NPS Experience
  • 2010 - current: Research Professor