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Laura Armey

Associate Professor
Department of Defense Management

Phone: (831) 656-2818
NPS Experience
  • 2018 - current: Associate Professor
  • 2010 - current: Assistant Professor

Scholarly Work

  • Book Chapters
  • Kamrany, N. M., Ramirez, D. N., & Armey, L, (2014). Colombia: Seeking Prosperity Through Peace. Oxford United Kingdom: Routledge International Handbooks.
  • Journal Articles
  • Armey, L., & Sullivan, R. S, Combat, Casualties, and Compensation.
  • Armey, L., Peter, B., & Lipow, J, Racial Selection in Deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. Defence and Peace Economics, 2021-ISSUE 2(32), 178-192.
  • Armey, L., & Webb, N. J, Net Neutrality and Nonprofit Fundraising.
  • Armey, L., & McNab, R. M, (2019). What Goes Up Must Come Down: Military Expenditures and Civil Wars. Defence and Peace Economics, 5(30), 570-591.
  • Armey, L., & McNab, R. M, (2018). Expenditure Decentralization and Natural Resources. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, (70), 52-61.
  • Armey, L, (2018). Women at War: Understanding The Impacts of Combat on Women's Educational Attainment. Defence and Peace Economics.
  • Armey, L., & Hosman, L. J, (2017). Taking technology to the field: hardware challenges in developing countries. Information Technology for Development.
  • Melese, F., & Armey, L, (2017). Minimizing Public Sector Corruption: The Economics of Crime, Identity Economics, and Money Laundering. Defense and Peace Economics.
  • Armey, L., & Hosman, L, (2016). The centrality of electricity to ICT use in low-income countries. Telecommunications Policy.
  • Armey, L., & Lipow, J, (2016). Hard lessons: combat deployment and veteran interest in higher education. Applied Economics Letters, 1–5.
  • Armey, L., & Angelis, D. I, (2016). Tapping Transaction Costs to Forecast Acquisition Cost Breaches. Defense Acquisition Research Journal, 1(23), 56–76.
  • Armey, L., & McNab, R. M, (2015). Democratization and civil war. Applied Economics, 18(47), 1863–1882.
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  • Armey, L., Vladar, A., & Pereira, F, (2011). Are phones fun? Usage and barriers to adoption for wireless data services among the younger generation of Asians. International Journal of Electronic Business, 1-2(9), 8–25.
  • Hosman, L., Fife, E., & Armey, L, (2008). The case for a multi-methodological, cross-disciplinary approach to the analysis of ICT investment and projects in the developing world. Information technology for Development, 4(14), 308–327.