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Larry Clay Greunke

Faculty Associate - Research
Computer Science

Phone: (831) 656-3733


I’ve had the privilege of being able to serve in the military, to travel around the world, see interesting places, meet and serve with interesting people, and somehow find myself a time or two ¾ of a mile behind an aircraft carrier on a dark night trying to land on it. Being around people whose genetic makeup makes them every day want to wake up and figure out ways to ‘make it happen’ to accomplish the task, the mission. I can say proudly that gene has been interwoven into my DNA as well.

Earning a computer science master’s degree has allowed me to look at problems with a new perspective, to not just provide a quick fix, but understand how they can be approached and addressed to resolve them. The Navy, fortunately, has provided me ample opportunities to hone these skills working with people to solve these meaningful problems.

I enjoy being a solution architect, working with a team using design thinking to put together a combination of technologies to solve a group or organization’s issues. Solutions that I have worked on incorporate virtual and augmented reality hardware, 3D scanning equipment, game engines (e.g., Unity), and software engineering to pull everything together.

I have had great experiences in the Navy both as a pilot and a problem solver, and now I enjoy applying that background to solve current problems facing the Department of Defense.
NPS Experience
  • 2018 - current: Faculty Associate - Research
Research Interests
augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D scanning, LiDAR
Teaching Interests
Game Development

Scholarly Work

  • Patents
  • Greunke, L. C., Bilinski, M., Angelopoulos, C. J., Guerrero, M. J. "Creation authoring point tool utility to recreate equipment" 16/929,572
  • Bilinski, M., Greunke, L. C. "Hybrid 2D/3D Data in a Virtual Environment" 15/806125