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Panagiotis Matsangas

Phone: (831) 656-3481


Dr. Matsangas was a Naval Officer in the Hellenic Navy for 25 years. He received his Ph.D. in Modeling and Simulation and M.Sc. in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School.<br> Since 2004, he has been involved with human performance research focusing on operational environments, and participated in projects for the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, and the Naval Advanced Medical Development (NAMD) Program Office. Dr. Matsangas’ research interests are in the area of mathematical modelling of human behaviour with emphasis in the military and the naval operational environments, i.e., human performance modelling, motion sickness, sopite syndrome, watch schedule optimization, and the impact of sleep deprivation/ fatigue on performance.
Other Experience
  • 2013 - 2018 National Research Council Post-doctoral Associate
  • 1992 - 2013 Hellenic Navy
Research Interests
Data analysis, modeling and simulation, human performance engineering, motion sickness, sopite syndrome, sleep deprivation, naval operational environment, shift working

Boards, Memberships, & Certifications

Professional Memberships
  • 2015 Sleep Research Society
  • 2013 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

Scholarly Work

  • Conference Proceeding
  • James, K., Matsangas, P., & Connelly, C, (2017). GENETIC TESTING FOR WEIGHT LOSS COUNSELING.
  • Journal Article
  • Matsangas, P., Shattuck, N. L., & Saitzyk, A, (2020). Sleep-Related Practices, Behaviors, and Sleep-Related Difficulties in Deployed Active-Duty Service Members Performing Security Duties. BEHAVIORAL SLEEP MEDICINE, 2(18), 262-274.
  • Hurlston, A., Foster, S. N., Creamer, J., Brock, M. S., Matsangas, P., Moore, B. A., & Mysliwiec, V, (2019). The Epworth Sleepiness Scale in Service Members with Sleep Disorders. MILITARY MEDICINE, 11-12(184), E701-E707.
  • Capener, D. C., Brock, M. S., Hansen, S. L., Matsangas, P., & Mysliwiec, V, (2018). An Initial Report of Sleep Disorders in Women in the US Military. MILITARY MEDICINE, 9-10(183), E266-E271.
  • Matsangas, P., & Shattuck, N. L, (2018). Discriminating Between Fatigue and Sleepiness in the Naval Operational Environment. BEHAVIORAL SLEEP MEDICINE, 5(16), 427-436.
  • Motamedi, V., Kanefsky, R., Matsangas, P., Mithani, S., Jeromin, A., Brock, M. S., Mysliwiec, V., & Gill, J, (2018). Elevated tau and interleukin-6 concentrations in adults with obstructive sleep apnea. SLEEP MEDICINE, (43), 71-76.
  • Creamer, J. L., Brock, M. S., Matsangas, P., Motamedi, V., & Mysliwiec, V, (2018). Nightmares in United States Military Personnel With Sleep Disturbances. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL SLEEP MEDICINE, 3(14), 419-426.
  • Matsangas, P., & Mysliwiec, V, (2018). The utility of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index in US military personnel. MILITARY PSYCHOLOGY, 4(30), 360-369.
  • Foster, S. N., Hansen, S. L., Capener, D. C., Matsangas, P., & Mysliwiec, V, (2017). Gender differences in sleep disorders in the US military. SLEEP HEALTH, 5(3), 336-341.
  • Kallhammer, J., Smith, K., & Matsangas, P, (2017). Modeling ratings of in-vehicle alerts to pedestrian by leveraging field operational tests data in a controlled laboratory study. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART F-TRAFFIC PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOUR, (46), 413-425.
  • Matsangas, P., Shattuck, N. L., & Brown, S. A, (2017). Preliminary validation study of the 3-min wrist-worn psychomotor vigilance test. BEHAVIOR RESEARCH METHODS, 5(49), 1792-1801.
  • Skornyakov, E., Shattuck, N. L., Winser, M. A., Matsangas, P., Sparrow, A. R., Layton, M. E., Gabehart, R. J., & Van Dongen, Hans P. A, (2017). Sleep and performance in simulated Navy watch schedules. ACCIDENT ANALYSIS AND PREVENTION, (99), 422-427.
  • Shattuck, N. L., & Matsangas, P, (2017). Sunlight Exposure, Work Hours, Caffeine Consumption, and Sleep Duration in the Naval Environment. AEROSPACE MEDICINE AND HUMAN PERFORMANCE, 6(88), 579-585.
  • Mysliwiec, V., Matsangas, P., Baxter, T., & Shattuck, N. L, (2016). An unusual circadian rhythm in an active duty service member. SLEEP AND BIOLOGICAL RHYTHMS, 1(14), 113-115.
  • Shattuck, N. L., & Matsangas, P, (2016). Operational assessment of the 5-h on/10-h off watchstanding schedule on a US Navy ship: sleep patterns, mood and psychomotor vigilance performance of crewmembers in the nuclear reactor department. ERGONOMICS, 5(59), 657-664.
  • Shattuck, N. L., Matsangas, P., Moore, J., & Wegemann, L, (2016). Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Symptoms, Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, and Fatigue in the Crewmembers of a US Navy Ship. MILITARY MEDICINE, 7(181), 655-662.
  • Shattuck, N. L., & Matsangas, P, (2015). A 6-Month Assessment of Sleep During Naval Deployment: A Case Study of a Commanding Officer. AEROSPACE MEDICINE AND HUMAN PERFORMANCE, 5(86), 481-485.
  • Mysliwiec, V., Matsangas, P., Gill, J., Baxter, T., O'Reilly, B., Collen, J. F., & Roth, B. J, (2015). A Comparative Analysis of Sleep Disordered Breathing in Active Duty Service Members with and without Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL SLEEP MEDICINE, 12(11), 1393-1401.
  • Mysliwiec, V., Capaldi, Vincent F., II, Gill, J., Baxter, T., O'Reilly, B. M., Matsangas, P., & Roth, B. J, (2015). Adherence to Positive Airway Pressure Therapy in US Military Personnel With Sleep Apnea Improves Sleepiness, Sleep Quality, and Depressive Symptoms. MILITARY MEDICINE, 4(180), 475-482.
  • Shattuck, N. L., Matsangas, P., Eriksen, E., & Kulubis, S, (2015). Comparison of Two Watch Schedules for Personnel at the White House Military Office President's Emergency Operations Center. HUMAN FACTORS, 5(57), 864-878.
  • Mysliwiec, V., Gill, J., Matsangas, P., Baxter, T., Barr, T., & Roth, B. J, (2015). IGF-1: a potential biomarker for efficacy of sleep improvement with automatic airway pressure therapy for obstructive sleep apnea? SLEEP AND BREATHING, 4(19), 1221-1228.
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  • Miller, N. L., Shattuck, L. G., & Matsangas, P, (2011). Sleep and Fatigue Issues in Continuous Operations: A Survey of US Army Officers. BEHAVIORAL SLEEP MEDICINE, 1(9), 53-65.
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  • Editorial Material
  • Matsangas, P., & McCauley, M. E, (2014). Sopite Syndrome: A Revised Definition.