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Sae Young Ahn

Phone: (831) 656-2470

Scholarly Work

  • Journal Articles
  • Ahn, S., & Trogdon, J, (2017). Peer Delinquency and Student Achievement in Middle School. Labour Economics, (44), 192–217.
  • Ahn, S, (2017). Strategic Matching of Teachers and Schools with (and without) Accountability Pressure. Education Finance and Policy, 4(12), 516-535.
  • Ahn, S, (2016). A theory of dynamic investment in education in response to accountability pressure. Economics Letters, (149), 75–78.
  • Trogdon, J. G., & Ahn, S, (2015). Geo-spatial Patterns in Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Uptake: Evidence from Uninsured and Publicly-Insured Children in North Carolina. Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Biomarkers, cebp–1231.
  • Trogdon, J. G., & Ahn, S, (2015). Geospatial patterns in influenza vaccination: Evidence from uninsured and publicly insured children in North Carolina. American journal of infection control, 3(43), 234–240.
  • Ahn, S, (2015). Matching Strategies of Teachers and Schools in General Equilibrium. IZA Journal of Labor Economics, (4).
  • Ahn, S., & Jepsen, C, (2015). The Effect of Sharing a Mother Tongue with Peers: Evidence from North Carolina Middle Schools. IZA Journal of Migration, (4).
  • Ahn, S., Sandford, J., & Shea, P, (2014). A Note on Bubbles, Worthless Assets, and the Curious Case of General Motors. Macroeconomic Dynamics, 1(18), 244–254.
  • Ahn, S, (2014). A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Graduation Standards and Their Impact on Students’ Academic Trajectories. Economics of Education Review, (38), 64–75.
  • Ahn, S., & Yelowitz, A, (2014). The Short-Run Impacts of Connecticut’s Paid Sick Leave Legislation. Applied Economics Letters, 15(22), 1267–1272.
  • Ahn, S, (2013). The missing link: Estimating the impact of incentives on teacher effort and instructional effectiveness using teacher accountability legislation data. Journal of Human Capital, 3(7), 230–273.
  • Ahn, S, (2011). Distributional Impacts of a Local Living Wage Increase with Ability Sorting. Economics Letters, 3(112), 283-286.
  • Ahn, S., Arcidiacono, P., & Wessels, W, (2011). The distributional impacts of minimum wage increases when both labor supply and labor demand are endogenous. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 1(29), 12–23.
  • Ahn, S., Arcidiacono, P., Murphy, A., & Swinton, O, (2010). Explaining cross-racial differences in teenage labor force participation: Results from a two-sided matching model. Journal of Econometrics, 1(156), 201–211.
  • Ahn, S., & Arcidiacono, P, (2004). Paying to queue: a theory of locational differences in nonunion wages. Journal of Urban Economics, 3(55), 565–579.
  • Manuscripts
  • Ahn, S, (2016). The Labor Market Impacts of Paid Sick Leave: Evidence from Connecticut.
  • Technical Reports
  • Ahn, S., & Menichini, A. A, (2019). Retention Analysis Modeling for the Acquisition Workforce.
  • Arkes, J. A., Ahn, S., Menichini, A. A., & Gates, W. R, (2019). Retention Analysis Model (RAM) for Navy Manpower Anaysis.
  • Ahn, S., Menichini, A. A., & Tick, S. L, (2019). Retention Analysis Model (RAM) for Manpower and Personnel Analysis.
  • Oral Presentations
  • Ahn, S. (Author & Presenter), Aucejo, E. (Author), & James, J. (Author), AEFP 2019, "Multi-dimensional VAM: Re-examining the Effectiveness of Teachers and the Role of Student-Teacher Interactions," Association for Education Finance and Policy, MO, United States. (March 1, 2019).
  • Papers
  • Ahn, S., AEFP, "Cracking Under Pressure: The Information Gap and the Sub-optimal Responses of First-Generation College Students to Academic and Financial Pressures". (March 17, 2018).
  • Ahn, S., Department Invited Seminar, "Cracking Under Pressure: The Information Gap and the Sub-optimal Responses of First-Generation College Students to Academic and Financial Pressures," Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Department of Economics, CA, United States. (October 1, 2017).
  • Ahn, S., Sungkyunkwan University, "Cracking Under Pressure: The Information Gap and the Sub-optimal Responses of First-Generation College Students to Academic and Financial Pressures". (January 1, 2017).
  • Ahn, S., AEFP, "A Theory of Dynamic Investment in Education in Response to Accountability Pressure". (January 1, 2017).
  • Ahn, S., NBER Education Program Meeting, "Equilibrium Grade Inflation with Implications for Female Interest in STEM Majors". (January 1, 2016).