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The NPS Shield:




Logo Overview

The Naval Postgraduate School Logo

The logo is the most fundamental visual element of our brand. In order to maintain a consistent visual identity, it is important that the correct, unaltered university logo appear in its entirety on the front of all official NPS materials. The logo must appear in one of the approved formats detailed below, and cannot be modified or violated under any circumstances.

The recommended format for all materials is to have the logo appear with both the shield and full name of the institution. Neither element can be resized independently — the shield and the Naval Postgraduate School type are a single mark.

The NPS shield can be used as a singular element, but must be reproduced in its entirety without any modification to its individual elements (such as the NPS, PRAESTANTIA PER SCIENTIAM, 1909, outer and inner shields, book, banner, stars, etc.), or to the precise colors used within the shield.

The logo should never be stretched, skewed or violated with the addition of customized elements around it, including drop shadows — no exceptions.

About Our Name

The correct name of our institution is “Naval Postgraduate School” — not Navy Post Graduate School, not PG School, and not NPGS. Note that “postgraduate” is one word and it should not be hyphenated between two lines of type in a paragraph. In body copy, the full name should be placed in its entirety the first time the institution appears, subsequent references may use NPS but no other abbreviation should ever be used.

When used outside body paragraphs, such as on covers or in folios, the name must always be typeset in uppercase, Trajan Bold. When possible fit the entire name on either one line or separate the words onto three lines to be consistent with the logo.

When using the possessive with the NPS abbreviation, the correct format is NPS.


Approved Logo Formats





Approved Word Mark Outside Paragraphs & Abbreviation





Size and Clearance

Logo Size and Clearance

The NPS logo should never be smaller than one inch for the horizontal version and .63 inches for the vertical. When using the shield by itself, it should not be smaller than .75 inches at the widest point.

To create the greatest visual impact, maintain institute integrity, and ensure legibility, the NPS logo should be surrounded on all sides by a minimum clearance. The minimum clearance should be the distance between the NPS shield and the overhang of the PRAESTANTIA PER SCIENTIAM ribbon, shown as X in the examples below. Clear space acts as a buffer zone and helps lead the eye to process the mark in its entirety. This clear space isolates our logo from competing elements and establishes greater impact, a standard practice across all organizational strategic communications and branding efforts. Using our logo in a consistent manner in all print and digital media helps establish and re-enforce NPS’ brand recognition.





Minimum Logo Size




NPS & Other Logos

Guidance on Using the NPS Logo with Sub-Unit Logos

While the NPS shield logo is the only officially-recognized mark for the institution, we recognize the need for certain types of externally-funded, sub-units with important and distinctive external audiences to develop individual logos/marks for marketing and identity purposes. The following identifies different levels of sub-units within NPS, and the appropriate guidance for each.

All directly-funded units, schools, departments, academic subdivisions and administrative areas within the Naval Postgraduate School should only use the official logo as the sole mark for all communications purposes. The standard logo placement, color, sizing and name guidelines should be utilized as outlined in this guide.

Academic units such as schools, departments, and academic groups must use the official logo as their primary identifying mark. These units may add their name below or to the right side of the university shield, typeset in Trajan Bold, followed by a .5pt rule that spans the length of the name. Under the rule, Naval Postgraduate School must be spelled out and span at least 80% of the distance. See below for precise examples.

Administrative offices and divisions represent integral units within the university and must use the NPS logo. No other logos are authorized for these units except unless specified in an instruction.

Externally-funded institutes, centers, labs and similar organizations may feel the need to establish an individual identity that has been professionally prepared and contributes to a legitimate, external, comprehensive communications strategy. For these purposes, the following guidelines apply:

  • The NPS logo with type, as outlined in this guide, will be prominently displayed on any official communications materials produced by these groups.
  • The name “Naval Postgraduate School” cannot be incorporated into any designed logo/mark. Rather, the organizational mark should be used in combination with the NPS shield and university name as outlined in this guide. All materials, including business cards and logo wear created by these entities, should follow this guidance.
  • New institutes and centers will follow the established NPS logo usage guidelines.

Non NPS activities, such as the Navy Exchange and NSA Monterey, should follow the logo and brand guidelines outlined by their own respective chains of command. However, when the NPS logo is incorporated or utilized in any capacity, it should follow the guidelines and usage requirements detailed in this guide.

Special projects or events, such as the NPS Centennial or Concert on the Lawn series, that are initiated at the institutional level may require dedicated promotional or communications strategies to accomplish their goals. The development of a unique logo, together with a coordinated design package, may be considered. This does not preclude the use of the NPS logo on all materials in accordance with this style guide.

For any inquiries, guidance or assistance on utilizing and implementing the NPS brand, contact the Public Affairs Office at pao@nps.edu.


Horizontal and Vertical Logo Formats for NPS Schools

Horizontal and Vertical Logo Formats for NPS Schools


Approved Logo Formats for Centers, Groups, Institutes

Approved formats for centers, groups, institutes


Approved Format for Subdivisions with Alternate Logomarks

Approved Format for Subdivisions with alternate logomarks


Logo Placement Examples

Logo Placement Examples


Digital Artwork

The NPS Office of University Communications can provide an NPS logo bundle containing the necessary print and screen resolution files (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, EPS) for all print, Web and video uses. You will find one, two and three-color formats in Pantone Matching System (PMS) spot colors and four-color process (CMYK) colors. Spot colors are premixed exact colors that offset printers use, where CMYK colors are utilized in desktop and digital printers where the color is built using shades of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Also included are outlined art files in positive and reversed formats for application to materials requiring laser cutting.

Use the two-color format when designing and printing two PMS spot color materials and the one-color formats for single PMS color use; otherwise, the three-color printing of the logo is the preferred format. Use the following PMS colors only: Yellow–PMS129, Blue–PMS295, Process Black, Metallic Gold–PMS871, Gold Foil Satin (Crown 380).

When submitting the logo to a vendor, be sure to specify the diameter, the line screen, color guidelines, file format and always use the electronic artwork provided. Choose a line screen that best suits your printer’s capabilities and the paper stock or surface being printed on to achieve top-quality results. When possible, choose a fine screen to produce a sharper logo. Ask the vendor if this is unclear, or consult the NPS Office of University Communications.


Colors in Approved Logo Formats for Printing


Digital Artwork NPS Logo Three Color

Three Color: NPS Blue, Yellow and Black

Recommended for most logo requirements.

Approved for four-color process printing.

Approved for spot printing with PMS295 (blue),
PMS129 (yellow), and process black.



NPS Blue Yellow logo

Two Color: NPS Blue, Yellow

Approved for spot printing with PMS295 (blue)
and PMS129 (yellow).

Not approved for four-color process printing
(use three-color logo).



Logo Format Blue

One Color: NPS Blue

Approved for spot printing with PMS295.



Logo Format Yellow

One Color: Yellow

Approved for spot printing with PMS129.



Logo Format Black

One Color: Black

Approved for process black.




Screening & Transparency

Should a tint or transparency (also known as screening back or ghosting) of the logo be required, use one of the following colors at 10% only: Blue–pms295 / Black–Process Black. Do not screen the three-color logo.


10% Screen in Black and Blue

10% Screen in Black and Blue



Reversed Logo Colors



Embroidery & More

Embroidery and Other Production Methods

For embroidery onto fabric, match the thread colors as close as possible to the specified PMS colors. The logo can be produced using a wide range of methods, including silk screening, molded plastic, glass-etched, or laser cut into materials. Please follow all applicable guidelines closely.


Quality Control

Quality Control Assistance

Since inks produce variations depending on the paper stock or surface materials used, the color and quality of the logo must be closely monitored. Get physical proofs whenever possible. Check the logo at all stages of production to ensure that colors, shapes, size and printing quality are accurate and of the highest quality. Quality control is very important and adjustments may need to be made. For assistance with maintaining print quality, please contact pao@nps.edu.