Nested Applications


PowerPoint Templates

NPS has developed 10 new PowerPoint templates with a variety of applications and interchangeable photo options.

For overview presentations the templates are designed to include a statement sentence or title and supporting bullets or a brief paragraph. Use slides to start discussions. PowerPoint presentations should not be presented by reading off them, instead, only supporting highlights of the oral presentation. Below are some general guidelines:


Use animations and transitions very sparingly. An animation can be a powerful tool to help visualize and improve understanding, but can also be annoying when repetitive or overused.


With over 100 images available to choose from, target your audiences with insightful and appropriate imagery. A Photoshop template is also available if needed to crop custom photos. Avoid clip art and low-resolution images.

Graphs and Charts

Avoid placing excel graphs into your presentation. PowerPoint has powerful graph creation tools that will help create a consistent and contemporary look.

Text Alignment

Align text left or right. Centered text is harder to read.

White Space

White space is very important in media presentations. Keep bullet points from three to six per slide and strive for at least 40% white space on each slide. This will make your presentation easier to read and follow.